Can we achieve positive social impact through Design Thinking?
Yes, certainly… and we could do more!

Design Thinking is fundamentally a cross-disciplinary, human-centered method of working. By applying the principles of Design Thinking, we can create a more meaningful and significant social change than we can create by applying traditional principles.

Using the Principles of Design For Social Change We are heading towards an empathetic society that values meaning over material. We believe we can pioneer this evolution with smart design for social change.

Our practice is focused on identifying and designing in order to address questions such as how humans interact and connect with each other. To create better societies, solutions for social challenges, or design in the context of communities, we have to understand how people work with other people. Empathizing with the ones we are designing for, and embracing principles of design that leverage our values for society, are fundamental to designing better solutions. By focusing on human-centered design for social impact, we can help your organization to have a dramatically larger impact.

What does designing for social change look like at Think Design? We focus on three principles:

  • Design for emotion:

    Designing for social change goes beyond form, function, and visual; it needs to create an emotional connection in the user. Understanding the implicit needs of individuals and organizations is foundational to designing for emotion, which is one of our specialties as a social design agency.
  • Design for society:

    Designing for societies is much more complex than designing for individuals’ desires. We need to understand dynamics, journeys, influences and handoffs at every stage of interaction; and enrich those interactions with our solutions.
  • Design for economy:

    The intricacies of economy are very different and nuanced when it comes to social design as compared to commercial design . Higher efficiency, affordability, upcycling, simplicity, and comprehension are just a few of the several facets of a solution… and they are not desirable, but rather a matter of hygiene.
As a Design Studio for social impact, our approach takes on-the-ground challenges into account. We mitigate those challenges through our proven Design methods.
In order to engineer a positive Social Impact, we create solutions that are engaging, participatory, and sensitive to the cultural dimensions of communities. Get in touch to see how our social design agency can help your organization achieve powerful results.
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