We are living in a world where newer ways of thinking are effecting fundamental shifts in the way products and services are built and delivered.

We can pioneer those shifts when we innovate newer approaches to solving problems and identifying opportunities. At Think Design, balancing Thinking with Doing has been a core principle, since the day we started our journey.

We work with you and your people; we are what we do together

We actively work with your company and your people to define the elements that constitute success for you. We work collaboratively to stay on course and deliver what we promise. We believe that we are unstoppable when we work together; and we know that there is no substitute for authentic collaboration and shared passion. Further, we put the power of Insight + Strategy + Design at your disposal.

Send us a message or speak to one of our Strategists; and we will be happy to discuss our approach with you.


The Think Design Advantage

  • With over 13 years of expertise across industries and ecosystems, our capabilities reach far and wide. We have worked on missions ranging from Combat Management Systems used in Border security to Dating apps, We’ve designed digital workflows in one of the world’s largest oil companies and defined UX features for next generation Android phones, We’ve used design thinking to mitigate infant mortality and facilitated workshops that improved user adoption of an AIDS vaccine. Each day of our work encompasses several practical, real world and deep rooted concerns that we address using unique and simple methods.
  • We have 6 international studios across the United States, India and Singapore, and each studio has a vibrant ecosystem of clients, leadership, and design thinking. We can be lean and efficient if that’s what your situation requires, or massive and impactful if that’s the right path.
  • Our deep experience conducting User Research,our access to world-renowned academia, and our leaders’ own participation in imparting education at world-class universities gives us easy access to indispensable knowledge and the best thought leadership available. We are an organization that learns everyday, and we thrive on sharing and applying our learning to your advantage.

13 YEARS of Driving Success

  • Financial Services

    Financial Services

    Customer Service, Self Service, CRM, Mobility, Utilities, Portals, Apps

  • Logistics


    Enterprise, Self service, Information management, Mobility, iOT

  • Enterprise & Cloud

    Enterprise & Cloud

    HRMS, Planning, Data & Analytics, Learning, ERP, Utilities, Apps & More

  • Healthcare & Pharma

    Healthcare & Pharma

    E-Commerce, ERP, Collaboration, HCI, Devices, Services

  • Education & Edtech

    Education & Edtech

    Smart class, Self learning, Utilities, Apps, Platforms, Portals

  • Media & Entertainment

    Media & Entertainment

    Smart TV, Mobile TV, OTT, News portals, Apps, Music

  • Retail & E-commerce

    Retail & E-commerce

    Customer Experience, Service Design for Portals, Apps & Digital initiatives

  • Telecom


    Data & Analytics, ERP, Utilities, Apps, Self Service & More

  • Consumer


    E-Commerce, Dating, Classifieds, Utilities, Self Learning, Portals & Apps

  • IoT & Smart Devices

    IoT & Smart Devices

    M2M, Home Automation, Security, Utilities, Law Enforcement, Defence & Border Security

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