Internships 2020: Mentorship

We are happy to announce an 8 week Internship program for Design students starting 27th March, 2020. We will be inviting mentors to be a part of the program soon. Click here if you are interested to register as a student.

How to get started

This is an 8-week Internship program in Design Research, being offered to the students of Design. A Think Design initiative from its leadership, we wanted to offer this to students who may be facing uncertainties during this time and help them with positive utilization of time and energy while working from home. The structure has been designed to be conducted entirely online.

You need to be a Industry professional, Academician or a Design practitioner with the ability to guide team members. Duration of mentorship is for 4 weeks, starting May 2020 and the interaction between student intern and the mentor is entirely online. We understand that the mentors may be busy during this time and hence, the schedule of online calls, reviews and feedback sessions are expected to be flexible between the student and the mentor.

Mentors are expected to guide the intern in the project the intern takes up. The duration is for 4 weeks and we anticipate about 8-10 hours of guidance during this period. The mentor is not expected to help students in execution of work or pedagogy. At the end of the 4 week period, the mentor is expected to provide us with the evaluation of the student intern’s work and recommend the award of Internship certificate. During the period of mentorship, the mentor is expected to motivate, guide and direct the student and provide regular feedback.

The format of evaluation will be provided to the mentors post successful registration.

Mentors will be provided with a certificate of mentorship by Think Design, on successfully mentoring the student, post providing evaluation of students’ work. Student’s work will be showcased on Think Design’s web and social properties and will be acknowledged in our posting/s.

Internship and Mentorship are voluntary and are not bound by financial remuneration. Mentors are not expected to provide remuneration to the students and are strongly discouraged from commercial transactions with their student interns.



Hari Nallan

Founder and CEO Know More


Stephen Dickens

User Experience Strategist Know More


Sanmitra Chitte

Dean, World University of Design Know More


Ragini Kacholia

Visual Designer, Deloitte Digital Know More


Laetitia Pouilly

UX Researcher Know More


Shakeb Wajeeh

Design Researcher Know More


Nandeesha. M

Senior UX Designer, SAP Know More


Symran Bhue

Strategist and Marketing Consultant Know More


Jody Torfs

User Experience Designer Know More


Lefteris Heretakis

Designer and LecturerKnow More


Shruti Kale

Design Educator Know More


Alipta Ballav

Design Manager, Cerner Healthcare Know More

Anannya Mishra

Senior Consultant, Outsized Know More


Research & Innovation Specialist, Piaggio Group Know More

Vignesh Karthic

Associate Manager - UX, ValueLabs Know More

Sudeep Chhabra

Owner, Actuate Consultants Know More

Nikita Tatiya

Strategic Designer, Here Technologies Know More

Tithi Sharma

Product Designer, Postman Know More


Gautam Marwah

Founder & Host at The Indianaut Podcast Know More


Divya Chadha

Design Research and Strategist Know More


Hrushikesh Joshi

Senior Design Researcher, Studio 5B Know More

Sai Sravan

ML Data Associate, Amazon Know More


Harshada Kulkarni

Experience Design Strategy Consultant Know More


Peter Bella

Assistant Professor Know More


Arpit Gupta

Principal Product Designer Know More

Sachin Pisharody

Studio Head Know More



Service Designer Know More

Somasree Basak

UX Designer Know More

Debarati Rakshit

Product Lead Know More

Shivam Jaiswal

Associate Designer - UX Know More

Meghana Muralidharan

Designer / Content Writer Know More

Pravin Ghodke

Design Consultant and Director Know More

Sneha Gokhale

Industrial Designer, Design-Driven Researcher Know More

Tanya Singh

Senior User Experience Consultant Know More

Charanya Suresh

UX Researcher Know More

Sonika Gondval

Design Lead Know More

Devanshi Sihare

Design Strategist Know More

Mallika Singh Ahluwalia

Key Account Manager Know More

Shefali Goyal

Industrial Designer Know More

Sejal Rajesh Changede

Design Researcher Know More

Sayantan Mukherjee

Innovation Coach and Mentor Know More

Ritika Singh

Sr. Designer Know More

Ishteyaqahmed Quadri

Designer and Design Mentor Know More

Yashashwi Malani

Founder, The Graphē Know More

Monalisa Malani

Architect & Designer Know More

Safiullah Khan

Design Researcher & Strategist Know More

Manish Vashist

Design Director Know More

Lokesh Sapre

Program Director: Digital Experience Design Know More

Abhijeet Shukla

Distinguished User Experience Researcher and Designer Know More

Hariprasad KV

Lead User Experience Designer Know More

Rajal Ajai

Associate Design Director Know More

Kranthi Kumar Maanam

Architect & Interior Designer Know More

Avani Patel

Design Strategist Know More

Abhishek Jain

Design Lead - UX Research Know More

Pratibha Mishra

Professor & HoD Know More

Priyanka Peeramsetty

Community Lead Know More

Ajay Mittal

Sr. Designer Know More

Yash Arora

Interaction Designer Know More

Deepak Sadhwani

Founder, S.Lab Know More

Rishabh Garg

Architect and Innovator Know More

Deepti Gupta

Associate Design Director Know More

Sushil SK

Senior UX Designer Know More

Gavin Remedios

Design Leader - Experience Design Know More

Anant Dugar

Founder, OneHouseDesigns Know More

Saurav Sharma

Assistant Professor Know More

Teena Jose

User Experience Designer Know More

Kiran Thirthahalli Vasudevan

Lead Experence Designer Know More

Anshul Patria

Creative Lead Know More

Harsh Wardhan

Product Design Strategist Know More

Rajeev Dave

Industrial Designer Know More

Vijayalakshmi Ravi

Research Guide & IBDP Teacher Know More

Priyanka Gahlot

UI/UX Faculty Know More

Apurba Pawar

Industrial/Product Designer Know More

Shreya Ratakonda

Design researcher & Strategist Know More

Aloke Vohra

Business Design & Innovation Consultant Know More

Sreya S. Majumdar

Design Researcher & Visual Designer Know More

Shamik Chowdhury

Learning Experience Designer Know More


L&D Manager, Trainer & Coach Know More

We will update the mentors on a regular basis. Check back later here for more information.

Guide to evaluate Interns’ work:

  • Interns undertake projects from this list
  • We will be making groups of students based on the projects they select and we will be assigning one group to each Mentor. Assignment of the group is based on several parameters such as geographic location of students (time zone), language barrier and availability of Mentors based on the selection of availability mentors made.
  • Mentor is expected to guide students during the research assignment and evaluate students individually at the end of the Mentorship module based on the following criteria:
    • Regularity/ Consistency: Is the student attending your meetings/ calls regularly and submitting or showcasing work consistently?
    • Clarity of concept: Has the student understood that research question and is s/he applying theory meaningfully? Is the student able to justify the reason for a particular method being used, the sample size, the process of collecting and analyzing information?
    • Diligence: Is the student working hard? Do you see diligence and thoroughness in their approach as well as deliveries?
    • Visible quality of work: Is the documentation demonstrating visible quality of work that could be appreciated by its readers? Is there elaboration and finesse in the work being produced?
    • Do you recommend the group’s work to be of the quality and standards, fit to be displayed in public domain?
  • On each of the above parameters, Mentors would grade each of their students from 0-10 and submit the evaluation to us. Towards the end of the month of mentorship, we will be sending out Forms to mentors to input their evaluation results of the students they are mentoring.

Student submission guidelines for Practicum (mentored module):

  • Final submissions: We will be providing a template for students to input their final work, so that all the work has consistency in terms of number of slides and a broad framework. Students need to submit open files and use system fonts only in their presentation. The final submission should include the following:
    • Slideshow presentation as an open file (template will be provided).
    • A PDF version of the same.
    • A video not exceeding 120 seconds in length, and covering the research project in brief. Make sure you are including subtitles when we have voice in videos.
  • Interim work progress: Students make weekly presentations/ submissions to Mentors (minimum of one submission/ presentation per week) that shows progress over the course of time. This could be done individually or in a group, it is up to the discretion of the Mentor to ask for interim presentations and how they need to be presented.
  • Research ethics: When the Final submissions are made, the students are to comply with the following research ethics:
    • Privacy: Mask respondents’ identities in the report and videos, unless the respondent has given explicit permission to reveal the real identity.
    • Consent: Take explicit consent from respondents while recording audio, video or while taking notes.
    • Intellectual Property: Credit original authors or copyright holders. Also credit your mentors in your final submissions. Provide references where appropriate.


More details about Internship program

The course is divided into two modules: Theory of Design research followed by Practicum. During the first module, Theory of Design research, the Intern will be studying the material on Design research, exploring each method further. The intern will be submitting weekly assignments and will be taking a test at the end of the 4 weeks period.

During the second module, the student will choose 1 or 2 projects to be completed in 4 weeks. The choice of projects can be discussed between student and mentor. Students will be expected to report the project work periodically and take guidance from the mentor; the schedule of guidance is entirely up to the understanding between the student and the mentor.

We would love to see outstanding work coming out of this programme; and our intent is to provide positive utilization of time and skills of the students; with the hope that the world will be a better place to live if the young creatives are given the positive opportunity to effect that.

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