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London. There's much more to it than meets the eye! The capital of UK, the largest city in Europe and the city that has a history of more than two millennia. London is considered to be the world's most powerful, most desirable, most influential, most visited, most expensive, most innovative, most sustainable and the most vegetarian-friendly city.

As a Design agency in London with capabilities spanning UI UX Design, Service Design, User and Design Research and Data Design we are proud of what the city has to offer to its dwellers and visitors.

Few facts about London:

  • As one of the most diverse cities in the world, London houses over 8 million residents, who collectively speak over 300 languages, including Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien and of course English.
  • In order for a person to become a black cab driver, they must complete a rigorous test called ‘The Knowledge’, which involves memorising every single street in the capital. Cab drivers can spend years trying to learn it all. Some even walk around every part of the city as a way of lodging all the side streets and back alleys in their brains.
  • Trafalgar Square was once renowned for housing thousands of feral pigeons, which tourists often fed or posed with. In 2003, London Mayor Ken Livingstone banned feeding them or selling feed near the square. They even went as far as using a hawk to keep them at bay, which evidently turned out to be successful.
  • The Millennium Dome is so big that it can fit the Great Pyramids of Giza comfortably under the roof! The structure is 365m in diameter; and 52m high in the middle; with 12 supporting poles, symbolising days, weeks and months of the year.
  • 1.265 billion people use the London Underground every year. That’s slightly more than the population of India! No wonder it’s so hard to get a seat. According to TFL, the most popular station is Waterloo, which sees 100.3 million passengers every year.

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