Bajaj OneApp: Better User Experience through Integration

Bajaj Finserv, a part of Bajaj Holdings & Investments Limited, is a financial services company focused on lending, asset management, wealth management and insurance.The company through its joint ventures and subsidiaries employs over 20,000 people and has established a nationwide presence across over 1400 locations in India. The company is currently engaged in consumer finance businesses, life insurance, and general insurance and has plans to expand its business by offering a wide array of financial products and services in India.Apart from financial services, Bajaj Finserv is also active in wind–energy generation.


Financial Services, Fintech, Enterprise Mobility


Cross Platform Mobile App


Consulting, UX and UI Design, Front end prototyping, Visual Identity system, Front end development, Development coordination


Being one of the largest financial services company in India and with a very strong on-ground personnel to disburse loans and maintain relationships, Bajaj Finserv faced a tricky challenge: Over a period, the company developed and managed 50+ apps that are independent of each other. A front end sales person would normally use 17-20 such apps to carry out his day to day professional tasks. In this context, Think Design was asked to integrate them and pave way for superior user experience.

Our Methodology

We started with a deep dive stakeholder workshop and ecosystem braindump to familiarize ourselves with the offerings. Through UCD processes, our teams tied each of the offerings/ initiatives to user goals, needs and aspirations to come up with a model that could meaningfully integrate several apps into one and providing additional value on top of it. It was important at this point to change the mindset of internal IT organization in order to consider enterprise users as customers and that would mean, an inherent understanding of customer service.

As a result, a new app was born. It was called “Bajaj OneApp” for obvious reasons. What OneApp did was, it became a platform that integrated 17 related apps that would be commonly used by most of the personnel in their day to day duties. SSO concept was introduced thereby making it a breeze to use. Further, new tools were identified that would empower Bajaj Finerv’s users and were prototyped and delivered.

A new Design system that was vibrant, confident and new age was developed as part of the assignment. 24 weeks of conceptualization, design, prototyping and front end development resulted in a “never imagined before” app for Bajaj Finserv.

Design activities

Design Thinking Workshop, Brain-Dump, Design system, Wireframing, Prototyping, Front end development and Implementation coordination.

Current Status

Bajaj OneApp was launched in early 2016. The employees loved using it. The best app Bajaj Finserv ever made is made for its own employees. This goes a long way in improving productivity and morale of the company’s workforce.

Bajaj One App

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