Pyoopil: Building university education platform, Ground up

Pyoopil is a online education platform tailor-made for the needs of Universities. On one hand, it allows students to register, form groups, upload learning material and connect as alumni after university while on the other it provides enterprise class functionality for University staff to create virtual classrooms, assign tests, view progress of students and get important insights that were otherwise not possible through offline methods. Pyoopil’s journey started at Think Design while the product was in its seed stage and the company was bootstrapped.


Education, Edtech.




Consulting, UI UX Design, Identity and Design system, Front End Development, Development coordination


Pyoopil was conceived by two young award-winning entrepreneurs who had the vision to influence the education system in India and had the will to pursue their dreams. Think Design needed to set the ball rolling quickly and yet adequately addressing user requirements. Pyoopil as a platform had massive functionality that integrated Calendar, University rolls, Chat, Account and User Management, Groups, Document Management among others. With expediency as a goal and user relevant design as an aspiration, Think Design worked on method that was relevant to the unique context.

Our Methodology

We worked on “Solution Thinking” as a methodology wherein Thinking and Doing were interplayed simultaneously to progress forward at a brisk pace. This meant that while Consulting through User Centred Design processes were going on, at the same time, Design of platform was being worked upon. A process of quick consulting, brainstorming, ideation, wireframing and front end prototyping and iteration progressively resulted in the entire platform shaping up in a period of 16 weeks from the day of start. Work included designing Identity, developing a design system along with UX activities for the platform.


Design activities

Formative workshop, Desktop research, Identity Design, Design system, Wireframing, Prototyping, Front end development.

Current Status

Pyoopil was launched in April 2014. It had expanded into Mobile app while the platform was seeing traction. The company was acquired and merged into a larger ecosystem Upgrad in 2017.

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