YourStory: Pioneering UX for a Pioneering company

YourStory Team brings news and stories of entrepreneurs and changemakers, funding analyses, resource pieces and the first glimpse of emerging trends from India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as profiles of great businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world. YourStory is by far the most popular platform for entrepreneurs in India. Yourstory has presence throughout India through its correspondents in English and 12 Indian languages and has recently forayed into International arena, through its launch in Germany.


News & Media


Responsive Web App


Consulting, UX and UI Design, Front end prototyping, Visual Identity system, Front end development, Development coordination


As the company was beginning to start its international footprint, Think Design was the agency of choice to re-imagine, re-think and transform its User Experience. One of the key challenges was to give the power of publishing to its users thereby enabling high volume publication of articles. This called for an approach that made publishing flow ridiculously easy. Apart from this, a few of the other key challenges identified were: Increasing re-circulation through discovery of content and compelling placement of sharing feature, compelling positioning for sponsored articles, responsive interface among others.

Our Methodology

A two day stakeholder workshop covering YourStory philosophy, UCD methods and ideation resulted in a rock solid agenda for the following 4-6 months of UX and UI Design. Desktop research following stakeholder workshop exposed teams to various methods of handling publishing workflows, newer ways of handling re-circulation and a host of other insights that helped during design journey.

Through agile thinking and doing, concepts were ideated, prototyped and iterated in quick cycles to move towards our goals in brisk pace.

A six month engagement resulted in the current manifestation of YourStory.


Design activities

Design Thinking Workshop, Desktop research, Ideation, UI UX Design, Prototyping, Iteration and Front End Development.

Current Status

Transformed version of YourStory was launched in June 2017 just before the company’s international foray, starting with Germany.


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