Forecast 2023: Insights from our Founder

  • January 2023


From the desk of Hari Nallan, Founder and CEO, Think Design

Dear all,

From myself and the Think Design team, I would like to express heartfelt gratitude for what you have given us in 2022. As we enter 2023 on a high note, I wanted to share a few thoughts on what we could look forward to.


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The year of Integration


Most of us have been rather quick to adapt to the pandemic and post-pandemic realities. As we sprinted these two and half years trying to make sense of them, we have transformed our landscape and in the process, we have created technological innovations, we have pioneered anticipatory technologies and we have witnessed quite a few disruptions.

2023 will be the year to introspect, question and optimize what we created. More than any year in this century, this year will bring in integrations that will make sense of the past two and half years of frenzy.


The year of Transparency


With integration – especially of technological systems – comes a great by-product: Transparency. Due to the very nature of the systems we have built, and the multitude of trends we have witnessed in the last two and half years, people are going to insist on transparency more than ever before.

Every facet of our lives now will demand transparency in the form of information we present to our users: From the larger context of governance to supply chains in the manufacturing industry, from material sources to ingredients we consume, and from healthcare systems to privacy and cyber security, we are going to be witnessing information transparency like no other year in the past. This is the new norm.


The year of Multiple Realities


We have created an unequal world, haven’t we? Even as economists predict recession in some parts of the world, we are witnessing yet another wave of the pandemic in certain other parts. While some of us deal with war, others deal with inflation. All this against the backdrop of global recovery from the pandemic just a few months ago… we are constantly faced with multiple realities, the Metaverse notwithstanding.

2023 will most likely be the year each of us gets an opportunity to create our own reality.


I’ll leave you with the question: What is the reality you are creating for yourself in the new year?

Sincerely wishing you an amazing 2023!


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