Re-defining User Experiences for Platforms & Digital Ecosystems

In a digital landscape, every business needs the experience of their users to be relevant, delightful and impactful. As customers and users both become digitally mature, UI UX also stands at a critical juncture to come to an age, propelling user journeys and interactions to the next level of a smarter, future-oriented reality.

Businesses and brands are increasingly aware of the importance of User Experience in their growth roadmap. Augmenting product and service innovation initiatives with equally strong UI UX capabilities is not choice to make. It is an imperative.

Experience driven transformation is the order of the day. As a UI UX company rooted in human-centric methodologies and product design DNA, we are more prepared than ever to drive your transformation.

It is also important to consider the maturity of UI/ UX practice as it is your third pillar along with marketing and technology. Maturity in terms of the breadth of capabilities, thought leadership and understanding the intricacies of how UX UI not only fits in the grand scheme of things, but also lead the future.

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What are the challenges blocking your next business move?

1. You are a technology empowered company and you want to productize that disruptive idea of yours.

Conceptualizing and creating a product needs you to have a vision, know your competition and create a great design from the word go, while this being in the context of your strategic positioning. You require a team which would have inherent capabilities to think product, design it for acceptance and along the way address: Product strategy, Positioning, Branding, Communication and other needs that tag along.

At Think Design we look at needs, developing a way of working that helps companies in their product creation journey as we shift from macro to micro and back, rapidly as we prototype. Our multidisciplinary capabilities, technological expertise and innovation led approach to work, drives us to build and deliver products that win customers!

Further, our understanding of data in the realm of user experience, user journeys and user behaviour has helped many of our clients leverage our capabilities to their advantage. Below are a few manifestations of our expertise in bringing pioneering initiatives to life.

2. You are a business looking to grow while trying to keep your legacy intact.

In a rapid spree to keep pace with your competition and your customers’ needs, your touch points may have grown inorganically. You have increased your offerings, however, they may all seem incoherent and not aligned to your organizational goals and operational concerns. In order to offer coherent User Experience, you need to take the path of transformation. You want to take that big plunge instead of getting into the incrementality trap.

At Think Design we understand and consider the operational, marketing, strategic and IT challenges of a business while solutioning to keep intact the fundamental identity. Our in-depth understanding of the key ground challenges of a business, its user segment and impact of innovative changes it would bring to its organization and stakeholders, runs through our years of work expertise built in tandem with different industries and domains.

Further, our deep expertise in User Research helps us identify those constituents of success and go after them… strategically and deliberately. We have architected and delivered many such transformations in the past and here are a few manifestations of that:

Navigating UI UX Concerns

We have developed a way of working that addresses your strategic, technical, and creative needs at the same time. We think broad and act deep; and manage inter-relationships among User, Business, and Technology seamlessly. We strategize User Experience and along our way, we deal with many complex issues that need to be addressed. We create interfaces and interactions that manifest all these aspects.


  • User profiles
  • Journey maps
  • Mental models
  • User stories
  • Accessibility
  • Desirability


  • Vision & Mission
  • Segmentation
  • Proposition
  • Positioning
  • KPIs
  • Viability


  • Tech stack
  • Architecture
  • Frameworks
  • Standards
  • Processes
  • Scale & Feasibility

Big picture

  • Ecosystem
  • Dependencies
  • Data
  • Trends
  • Competition
  • Patterns

UX practice needs as much thinking as doing

We discovered this early on and created a set of guiding principles and methods based on this insight. With 15 years of experience across several touchpoints and technologies, we apply our expertise to your advantage… just so that you win!

While we are guided by User Research and Data for Insights leading to UX Design decisions, we appreciate the pertinence of linking the reality to outcomes relevant to Users, addressing Business challenges and Technological initiatives. Through several years of UX Practice, we developed an approach that addresses your top leadership concerns, delivering measurable business results, leading to ROI justification.


Constituents of a class-leading online experience

We advocate the concept of breakdown and conquer. We embark on several baby steps, each with a goal of its own; and at the end, we would have reached where we envisioned.


Information Architecture

Information Architecture addresses the placeholders for various pieces of information or modules. At Think Design, the IA is architected with user journey as basis, contextualized differentially for different platforms.

Navigation Framework

Navigation Framework

Do we require mega menu or more work space? Are we considering touch devices? Are users predisposed to a structure ? We address these questions and more.

Wireframe Iteration


The purpose of wireframing is to generate alternatives rapidly before each element is detailed to perfection. It’s an essential step to iterate and discuss technical approaches and strategic alternatives.



Interactivity being key to the quality of user experience, we consider storyboarding an activity giving a birds eye view to the UI pattern. Storyboards capture user journey, experience and address key flows.



Prototyping allows the validation of ideas with users, stakeholders and designers themselves. We employ various methods of prototyping, choosing among quick and dirty to pixel perfect prototypes as the situation demands.

Interaction Design

Interaction Design

Interaction Design manifests in controls, components, animations and feedback; and define the usability and relevance of an interface. We innovate those elements, if need be.

Input Forms

Input Forms

User input forms are the primary way your users are communicating to you. Designing forms better, incorporating and designing newer technological alternatives like chatbots, makes life easier for you and your support teams.

Data visualization

Information and Data Design

Better visualization leads to better insight. In times where no application is complete without embedded analytics, we provide actionable insights, through user centric design, powered by superior data discovery.

Visual Branding

Visual Branding

Visual branding supports your product and brand to communicate consistently through visual language. It includes concerns of trends, preferences, brand language and usability and their inter-relations.

Front end

Specifications and Guidelines

Being at the helm of it all, we understand the importance of implementing design intent towards scalability. Specs go a long way in ensuring this, empowering developers to make informed decisions independently, coherently.


Front end

Our design cuts across a breadth of technologies and applications. Utilizing new age technologies like angularJS, reactJS, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript we prototype and deliver exactly what we design.

Leadership across Industries

News media & Entertainment

News portals and apps, Media & Entertainment portals and apps, OTT, Mobile TV, Music, Streaming.

Enterprise & IT

ERP, Utilities, HRMS, Planning tools, Data & Analytics, LMS, Enterprise systems, Productivity suites.

Healthcare & Lifesciences

Medical devices, Hospital management systems, Pharma, Wearable tech, Personal healthcare, Fitness, Wellness.

Networks & Smart devices

Telecom, Home automation, Data networks, M2M, IoT, Utilities, Law enforcement, Defense & Border security.

Education & Edtech

Institutions, Portals, Apps, Learning management, Gamified learning, MOOCs, Universities, Learning centers.

Banking & Financial Services

Fintechs, Banks, Insurance, Payments, Wallets, Lending, Trading, Investment, Blockchain, Currencies, Wealth management.

Services & Expertise

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