Service Design: Designing superlative Customer Experiences through Research and Design practices

In a world where users are increasingly relying on digital interfaces to complete their journeys, there is a growing gap between expectation and gratification.Services which establish a personal connection with users in their journeys result in winning service propositions for businesses.

Aligning service delivery to users’ expectations will become critical, creating Customer Experiences which reinvent and enhance people’s relationship with their world.

Service Design is the future of the digital economy; As an award-winning service design agency, we have the know-how to prepare you for this future.

Services should be designed based on a genuine comprehension of the purpose of the service, the demand for the service and the ability of the service provider to deliver that service. We visualize your service with all its touch-points and align products & interfaces to it. With this approach, we identify opportunities that accentuate innovation and deliver customer satisfaction, and not just reinvent the wheel.



Why ‘Service Design’ and not just UX?

If you are traversing the journey of digital transformation

As an organization digitizing functions, often complex user experiences break due to an internal weak link in the ecosystem. You need services designed to deliver a coherent and efficient system rather than component-by-component while understanding how the organization’s backstage processes and internal team alignment impact on the overall user experience. Also keeping in mind the journey and needs of the user across all visible points of interaction.

Our Service design practice, triggers thought and provides an opportunity to addresses how an organization gets something done, while also addressing the touchpoints that create a customer’s journey. We can cater to both the experience of the user and that of its creator, throughout your entire digitization life cycle.

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If you are building a Product-service ecosystem

With human interfaces getting replaced by their digital counterparts, product and service expectations are merging in the customer’s eyes. A new airline needs to integrate both booking the flight itself and services like check-ins and bag checks, into one smooth experience for users. Users do not see these two as distinct experiences, and neither should we.

Since we live in a world where Product is dependent on Service for gratification and vice versa, we need to re-imagine ways and means of addressing this dependency. Working in a product or service silo is no longer enough. Instead, our service design company will help you think and design holistically in order to delight users.

That’s why service design is so critical. Initiating your strategy with a strong service offering could trigger many user experience innovations, those which were not envisioned before. Making your customers see the cohesive whole along with the details can keep them coming back for more.

Addressing key Service Design Concerns

1. Seamless Customer Experience

We find opportunities to delight the customer through focusing on the customer journey, keeping a user centered perspective by investing in a thorough understanding of the user by doing qualitative research, prior to designing.


2. Holistic Experience across touchpoints

With an approach of relooking at various customer touchpoints, we ensure coherence, by considering touchpoints in a network of interactions and users.


3. Customer centered Organization

We are co-creative, by involving all relevant stakeholders in the design process. We enable informed decisions by looking at the details and the big picture, together, where each department gets to have a say.


4. Service Innovations

By identifying service loopholes and insights we pave the way to innovation; bridge the experience gap between product and service handoffs.


5. Simplified processes

By partitioning a complex service into separate processes, visualization of relationships, we uncover potential improvements and ways to eliminate process redundancies.

The visualization of interrelationships between various components of a service enables businesses to capture what occurs internally throughout the totality of the customer journey. Through our inquiry, we provide insights bridging cross-departmental efforts, highlighting dependencies that departments alone could not see.

How to create a Service Design Blueprint?

Key components of Service Design Blueprint and our approach to the key concepts and concerns in each.

1. Customer activity/Journey stages

  • What are the steps, activities, choices and interactions your customer performs while interacting with a service?
  • What are your customers’ goal?
  • What are the customers’ behaviour patterns that help in accomplishing those goals and what are those that impede them?


2. Channels/ Touchpoints

  • What are the key channels and touchpoints for your customer interactions?
  • Which are physical, which digital and how are the handoffs?
  • Which are the points of friction in each of those channels/ touchpoints and which are the points of delight?


3. Front of Stage

  • What are the actions human-to-human or human-to-technology which occur in view of your customers?
  • Do these interactions enable positive judgments regarding future customer engagement?


4. Back of Stage

  • What steps and activities occur behind the scenes to support onstage happenings?
  • How do they shape the experience of the customers?


5. Business Processes

  • What internal processes support the employees in delivering the service?
  • What are those specific processes that exist, the ones that need to be re-looked at and the ones that need to be created from scratch?

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