Data Visualization & Design: Towards informed decisions and organizational intelligence, by enabling actionable insights

It is of no question that we are more likely to believe a purported fact if it is backed by data than not. Influxed with growing amounts of data, the world is at a critical juncture to leverage data as an asset to empower organizations and societies. We at Think Design believe that analytics integrated with design capabilities can help data architect your next big move.

Only 22% of the people in large organizations* have access to business Intelligence software, and to fully enable non-technical people and users to make smarter decisions, information needs to be provided in a more consumable way.
We exist to catalyze that pervasive shift, driving consumer and organizational intelligence.

Source: “BI Adoption Remains Flat”, BI Scorecard, Howson Cindi
Numbers are hard to understand, visuals are universally understood. We understand your analysts so you can understand your data.


As a future-oriented organization, navigate to your next big transition...

1. Leverage data by deploying analytics and visualization capabilities

Why? A world of customer facing apps is being used to make smart decisions in day to day life. Fact-based decision making is becoming a reality as data intelligence is required by everyone, from rank and file employees in the organization to those in an extended enterprise including suppliers, partners and customers. Add this to your organizational stack to -

  • Build process intelligence

    Use data insights to timely monitoring to prevent failure; enable fast decision making throughout the entire process chain, optimize and capture new opportunities

  • Build performance intelligence

    Use data insights to help individuals in organization to make accurate decisions and achieve maximum performance, through comprehensive operational reporting, financial/sales reporting and information distribution statements.

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2. Build next generation data monetization models

As customers who are already using off the shelf suite of business intelligence solutions, we probe you to question if these empower you to take decisions towards organizational growth. Intelligent insights would allow employees, customers and all other stakeholders to implicitly understand and draw from data reports/visualizations to take better decisions day to day. Lean in towards actionable analytics through:

  • Smarter data visualizations

    Informed by superior UI/UX Design based approach, understand the information required by the users, leverage visualizations which are designed to highlight the root cause of a data trend and automatically inform directed corrective actions, leading change.


3. Move forward towards an intelligent future

New technologies and artificial intelligence are becoming a precursor for growth join hands to envision the future. Reinvent your data analytics stack to improve user experience and transform data to create operational, business and customer value addition through highly intuitive and predictive data based Insights and data products. Build on your technology stack with:

  • Analytical dashboards with predictive analytics

    Integrating better UX, AI embedded data search,what iffs, voice based analytics and dynamic visualizations which predict, these dashboards are your way to informed decision making. Maximize the speed of decision making while minimizing errors.

  • Informational user based products

    Supplement users to retrieve information, find solutions quickly and efficiently without the need to learn domain specific tools. Build products which enable users to analyze and monetize through smart actions on data.


As a future-oriented organization, navigate to your next big transition...

Data intelligence should start by understanding the user first, then moving to understand data which is coherent with how the user understands it, exploring key insights and implementing it through user relevant design. Working at the intersection of analytics and UX, we pioneer shifts in the ways data can be consumed to make intelligent decisions, pervasively.

When we make efforts to understand user workflows, what they need while making decisions and mental models which guide them to make decisions instinctively, we power them with data insights which can seamlessly get built into their day-to-day decision making.

We ensure that insights are used, made actionable, when and where they are needed.

Our intent to save on multiple recursions in the final stage of testing is guided by investing in the process of understanding the user needs, beforehand. An approach of researching user needs, understanding data and analytical capability with rapid prototyping to test, strides ahead to feed in the process of implementation.

Creating a winning solution for all, this has led us to create optimized solutions at all levels.



Our Expertise

1BI and Dashboard Design

Think Design’s solution for guiding process and performance intelligence

Our unique approach integrating design sensibilities with powerful analytics would empower customers, bringing to core user-relevant and user-centered experience in enabling discovery of meaningful data backed insights.

We provide for comprehensive domain backed expertise, giving users an experience to manipulate data and perform analysis directly on the intuitive dashboards, to predict and make business decisions in real-time, while leaving the background details with us.


Think Design’s Recommendation

Capturing the right data from a variety of streaming/stored data available in large volumes and being able to continuously load, store and manage data helps to retain its value. Knowing the right naming conventions and involving business stakeholders in the design process creates relevant and most useful user reports.

Dashboards need to be designed where the first fold look gives a complete summary to decision-maker all aspects of relevance. Also giving a seamless user experience as users switch between devices, takes into account that consumers today are device agnostic. Finally, essential back end functions like, source data validation, maintaining data quality, investment in placing checks on data accessibility and usage, builds on a robust and secure data solution.


2Data Products & Portals

Think Design’s comprehensive solution for data products to monetize through superior data experience and discovery.

The right data product helps users to monetize their data and achieve the fulfillment of their goals seamlessly through a comprehensive product design. As we take care to envision the product strategy, its creation journey and positioning, we leverage the power of data to build a solution which is user-relevant and empowers them to utilize product functions optimally. Be it suggesting appropriate data visualizations, integrating superior functionalities to segment, predict, analyze data we collaborate to build an intuitive data discovery solution which allows your product to self-service and enable customer success, end to end.


Think Design’s Recommendation

From creating appropriate user segments to defining user personas, mapping the entire journey of the user would define the product experience for your customers and achieve to serve the goals of the product. Choosing the right visualization, chart is also pertinent and can be determined by taking time to understand the data and considering the ease and personas of user in mind.

Keeping related measures and widgets together builds coherent visualizations. Consistent colour schemes and truncating large values serve to make the visualizations effective. With a growing importance of data governance and stewardship, investment in data security must also be prioritized to build assurance of data being in safe and secure hands for data products.


3Information Design and Reports

Think Design’s customized design solution for superior reporting and information design

The actual purpose of data visualization is to make it easier for the key stakeholders and decision-makers to understand the complex datasets. So the representation of the same, or the user experience of the visualization remains a key factor to be considered. We ensure that the design of every piece of information is created in such a way that it is scalable and simple to understand. While being coherent, insightful and adjustable to different interfaces.


Think Design’s Recommendation

A good information visualization would mean higher user adoption, nil learning time, higher usage and ease of data insight discovery. Take care to studying user needs through various research methodologies; to understand the target audience and adapt the presentation of the visualization solution to match their IT literacy.

Hence the carefully considered width, right chart/visual representation, colour scheme and any associated links can make the visual stand out in relevance to the user. To make the visualization responsive embedding filtering back and forth helps extract specific insights and also simulating to popular customer applications, ensuring users do not get disengaged due to a break in the interaction pattern.

Our expertise in design enables us to help decision-makers leverage data intuitively. Make your organization future-ready by building on the vision of data which guides informed decisions. Empower your people through an experience of easier visual discovery and smarter solutions.

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