Roamware: Empowering telecom providers through predictive Roaming analytics

Roaming Analytics is a Roaming Business Management Tool with which operators can manage their entire international and local roaming business. Think design partnered with Mobileum to develop a new and intuitive Roaming Business Intelligence and Analytics Tool for its primary users.


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Mobelium approached Think Design with a unique challenge to develop a new and intuitive Roaming Business Intelligence and Analytics Tool, which was compatible across different platforms – Web, Tablet & Mobile. In order to promote roaming services with maximum impact, there existed a necessity to identify sources of loss which could help in monetization and identification and justification of the need for segmentation and usage specific packages for its subscribers.

These called for a demographic research and implementation of analytics which could be made user-centric and aided with visualizations, simple to understand rendering to empower the users by providing roaming trends and intelligence.


Our Methodology

To build and deliver a visionary product in its domain, Think Design initiated the journey with a UX Vision and Strategy workshop to understand the desired features, modules, navigation and workflow of the entire application and experience of the product.

The UX workshop is used to understand the UX Vision that will be tangible and measurable and lend to a UX Strategy that will clarify how we will get there. We dived deeper by asking questions to understand the positioning of the product, the market, buyers/customers' perspective about the product and its working after attending the product demo by Mobileum’s team. These were crucial in helping us understand the business objectives and aligning with the Mobelium’s team.

Every product’s vision is incomplete without an understanding of the users, their goals, pain points and journey. An exercise of Empathy mapping was conducted in the initial phases of the project to understand the user by empathizing with him keeping in mind one or more of core users (building personas) and creating user scenarios to simulate the user experience.

These followed with an internal analysis of the product’s best features, the needs of the user and the revenue model and an external analysis of various analytical platforms to understand the experience of the end-user with them. We gathered to undertake an Information grouping exercise as an initial step for reaching a desired concrete Information Architecture which helped to understand and structure the level of navigation, menu structure, workflow of the entire application while prioritizing the information.



1. Compatible across different platforms

It allows operators to view and analyze roaming patterns and subscriber behavior, drill into the records and manage Travel prediction and micro-segmentation across web, tablet & mobile.

2. Analytics process made less cumbersome

Making the application easy to navigate, drill-downs and roll-up processes were made easy, quick and user-centric allowing users to analyze real-time data, aggregate data and time-series data of Roaming Trends. Country and persona-based filtration creates a holistic view of the subscriber using roaming usage patterns and local usage patterns.

3. Enabling powerful data visualizations

Increased roaming revenue by promoting effective services, built on the basis of intuitive and insightful visualizations enables micro-segmentation created on roaming usage patterns and local usage patterns.

4. Ensuring business value

By visualizing data in its most relevant manifestation and building portal functionality on top of it, we achieved a delightful user experience that ensured business success to its telecom enterprise users.



Consulting, Stakeholder Workshop, Wireframe iterations, Visual language and System, UI Design, Front End Development.



Roamware was launched to global market in 2015. Thereafter the product received adoption from the industry and is going through timely incremental improvements, with Think Design as a design partner for Roamware.

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