Our approach to Design: Harnessing the power of Insight, Strategy & Design towards humanizing technological outcomes.

The mark of great products and services lie in their intuitablity of addressing fundamental human needs. At the cusp of a digital age, our thought behind every new solution built, will determine the direction of our collective future, making it crucial to ideate consciously, ascertain critically and design futuristically.

Today while we are inundated with products and services, the value of a great one lies in its ability to enrich life and the limited resources of users time and money. Their seamless integration and inevitability into our lives, will stand guided by prior thought given ahead of a great and deliberate implementation.

As we balance Thinking with Doing as a core principle, at Think Design, we Pioneer the fundamental shifts in the way products and services are built and delivered by innovating newer approaches to solving problems and identifying opportunities.


There is always an approach and process behind the genius

We work with your company and your people to define the elements that constitute success for you. At Think Design, we believe that building a great product starts with a strong foundation and hence, we put the power of Insight + Strategy + Design at your disposal.


Principles which are cornerstone to Think Design’s approach of working

Foster Alignment to build a shared vision

We ensure our work and workshops are preceded with alignment of all stakeholders- ensuring the creation of a common vision, a shared language to co-win.


Collaborate, Cocreate and work together

We believe that we are unstoppable when we work together, enriched through diversity and collective insights while looking at interrelationships. We follow that there is no substitute for authentic collaboration and shared passion.


Iterate along, till reaching to the bottom of the problem

We adapt a process of continuous learning and engagement- ensuring to listen, observe, try, probe, seek, and fail with cognizance. While continuing to engage deeply, we allow for clarity to also emerge as we journey, keeping us agile towards new challenges.


Pause, look ahead by taking a step back

As designers who become one with the problem statement we appreciate the idea of stepping back to understand the bigger picture. It enables decisions which are pragmatic to allow transformation, improvisation or discarding an idea to its state, identifying if a problem statement is worth its exploration.


Let there be light by infusing energy in right articulation

Sometimes a billion dollar worth idea is not appreciated by stakeholders, when not presented and hence understood well. We take ownership to discuss and demonstrate the potentiality of solutions in the right light, to the right people.


Focus, for Devil lies in the details

Our commitment to design lies in detailing out all intricacies, from concepts, interactions, layouts, icons, typography to all elements which cohesively build the right product, service or solution, drilled down to its core, with finesse.


Explore and leave no stone unturned

It doesn’t cost much to look at alternatives, but the absence of those can cost new insights, and innovation, which lies on the plinth of exploring, failing and trying. Our work practices testify this approach of diverging to unearth fresh ideas and new brainwaves to build futuristic solutions.


Design for scalability and viable adoption

We continuously make decisions which balance design principles with an eye on scale. While we adhere to best practices which are scalable, we also design considering business viability and technological feasibility. We strategize to automate how handoffs can be managed to ensure sustainable usage in the long term.

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With several years of experience behind us, we have mastered many of these ways, built through our own questioning, tried and tested methods for execution of our thoughts.

Success has materialized in understanding interrelationships between User, Business and Technology and how Design always works in the larger context of what we all align to what is right.


Exploring breadth

With over 15 years of expertise across industries and ecosystems, our capabilities reach far and wide. We have worked on missions ranging from Combat Management Systems used in Border security to Video streaming apps, We’ve designed digital workflows in one of the world’s largest oil companies and defined UX features for next generation Android phones. We’ve used design thinking to mitigate infant mortality and facilitated workshops that improved user adoption of an AIDS vaccine. Each day of our work encompasses several practical, real world and deep rooted concerns that we address using unique and simple methods.

Navigating depths

Our deep experience conducting User Research,our access to world-renowned academia, and our leaders’ own participation in imparting education at world-class universities gives us easy access to indispensable knowledge and the best thought leadership available. We are an organization that learns everyday, and we thrive on sharing and applying our learning to your advantage.

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News portals and apps, Media & Entertainment portals and apps, OTT, Mobile TV, Music, Streaming.

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