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The disrupters on the front lines of digital transformation are changing at lightning speed, metamorphosing the landscape across industries along its wake. It is no longer a question of just looking beyond traditional competition, but an imperative to either relook at your entire business model from the standpoint of digital or risk becoming obsolete. Change is coming fast. What is your strategy to integrate digital effectively?

Competition may appear because companies are increasingly reshaping their business model, and their transformation leaves others stranded. Competition may also appear just because the expectations of the new-age customers are evolving and what was once an acceptable level of service is now seen as deficient.

As technological and design progress sprints ahead of its adoption in organizations, it is crucial to understand the key drivers of this changing ecosystem. This would support your digital transformation to be taken up strategically and guide technological adoption contextually, happening in sync within the framework of a comprehensive digital roadmap.

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Key Drivers shaping the Digital Whirlwind

1. Dawn of the 21st-century user

A key demographic: millennials (people born between 1980 and the 1990's; comprising 31.5% of the world population) and Gen Z (born between the late 1990s and early 2000s; comprising 32% of the world population) are poised to become the most powerful consumer group in the next decade. Being born as digital natives, they are behaviorally more digitally mature, open to allow experiences to guide their decision making and are found to be more attuned to data. The changing user expectations have hence moved to instant gratification, easier and time-efficient interactions, high global quality value shaped by their level of exposure and context. Understanding this changed user behavior (online communication, consumption habits, etc.) and expectations of this key demographic of users, will predicate the future.


2. Overhaul in the way business processes are imagined

The world is moving to more business processes being digitized—from offline turning to online, enabling greater convenience, better record-keeping and optimization involved. Turning around the way of working we find innovative silo breaking, peer to peer learning models envisioned and adapted in organizations which are relooking at their processes comprehensively and leading change. As digitalization provides visibility and control of business processes and operations end to end, it could enhance these functions with the direction of leadership, subverting the traditional way of how processes are created and managed.

*Source: Bloomberg analysis of United Nation Data, 2018


3. Rise in digital initiatives leveraging technology

Imagine augmented reality as a technology used to help people to choose makeup by seeing a prototype. AR building 3D models of furniture as the customer engages with a designer to imagine and configure their custom furniture. From context-aware home thermostats and security systems to on-demand ride services today, digitalization is already a pervasive concept once we unpack the definition of the word. Powered by technology, more and more companies are building their own digital initiatives to solve unique challenges and perceived needs of customers, augmenting their existing products and services through digital.


4. Spurt of digital-only companies

Who might have thought that business models like Paytm or Netflix could have challenged and pushed traditional industry players to reconsider their business strategies? Digital businesses by leveraging technology are creating new value in business models, customer experiences and the internal capabilities that support all its core operations. These carry in their DNA, a focus on creating value at new frontiers for their core business, using digital technology to drive growth, revenue and performance in ways that were impossible with traditional models. Digital business has evolved ahead of just e-commerce, driving a major and comprehensive disruption in business ecosystems of various industries.

Navigating your next digital move with Design

Every industry is either aspiring or near an inflection point for digital transformation, but not all can bridge the gap to build a comprehensive digital culture and organization, that is also relevant to changing user aspirations. As design partners we lend expertise to help you address your transformation challenges seamlessly.

1. Understand user’s needs ahead of time

As customers’ digital expectations continue to rise, constantly raising the bar in real-time, you’re always measured toward the best, and in terms of how you deliver your customer experience. With design research we focus on understanding the why before the what, empowering you with superior insights to understand the changing needs, behaviors and expectations of your customers to build products and services which are most relevant to them.


2. Re-imagine business processes holistically

Organizational silos continue to persist between business teams and tech teams, and the chasm needs to be bridged. Also to transform from traditional ways of thinking processes requires a big-picture perspective on the entire value chain challenges, interrelationships and dependencies to be relooked at. As designers we take nothing for granted and while looking at macro and micro both, we invest to simplify, innovate and reinvent processes holistically, as we work at the intersection of user, business and technology. We understand how any change in process needs to be supported with streamlined technology and new user behavior and habits, we exist to help you implement that seamlessly.


3. Optimize your digital efforts from the go

For new initiatives, design helps you optimize the effort if you want to go digital. Although many organizations are overly optimistic in the early days of digital transformation, dazzled by technology but yet less equipped to adapt to it. A vision of digital transformation can transpire with insights on the right capacity than troubleshooting and finding oneself stuck in stages later. With design we invest early, to validate for future and add value to completing your digital lifecycle with seamless implementation.

Digital transformation is a top-down initiative, often led with a vision from the C-suite. CIOs and CEOs are most often reported as owning or sponsoring digital transformation initiatives – 28 percent and 23 percent, respectively. As a futuristic thought leader, where are you headed in the digitization curve?


4. Evolved branding across industries

As the digital whirlwind reshapes consumer behavior and business processes, design in design industry has undergone a paradigm shift. Today, branding guidelines for companies across industries transcend mere visual aesthetics, encompassing a holistic approach that integrates digital experiences, user interactions, and emotional resonance.

Moreover, the rise of digital-only companies has catalyzed innovation in branding, pushing organizations to adopt agile and adaptive approaches. From dynamic visual identities that evolve with user interactions to personalized brand experiences tailored to individual preferences, the design industry is at the forefront of driving brand innovation in the digital age.

Source: Altimeter Insights, 2019

Think Design’s Practice: Transcend your organization towards a digital future with

1. Our expertise and experience across industries

We are a UI UX design company spanning years of experience in crafting financial investment experiences, new-age EdTech platforms, and cutting-edge healthcare solutions to name a few. As digital is blurring the lines between various industries (e.g. banking and telecom working in collaboration to provide a banking service) our expertise and know-how across different industries and sectors is an advantage which can place you in a league of new-age innovation. Why not, when the future is collaborative and interdisciplinary is the way to be!


2. Our depth of engagement with sectors and leaders

With 15 years of experience and work across industries, while we are experts in knowledge which is domain-specific, we also have a comprehensive way of working with senior leadership with the ability to understand and touch upon core leadership concerns. Our practice is backed by access to world-renowned academia, and our leaders’ own participation in imparting education at world-class universities, giving us easy access to indispensable knowledge and the best thought leadership available.


Client partnerships making waves across Industries

Over the last 1.5 decades, Think Design has been at the helm of crafting design solutions the ever-changing landscape. While as a UI UX design company we cover breadth of challenges across industries, we have also navigated depths in order to craft solutions of user relevance and business impact. Leading industries, organizations and governments have trusted Think Design for advancing their initiatives. Drop in a word or call us; and we will be happy to demonstrate why.


Leadership across Industries

News media & Entertainment

News portals and apps, Media & Entertainment portals and apps, OTT, Mobile TV, Music, Streaming.

Enterprise & IT

ERP, Utilities, HRMS, Planning tools, Data & Analytics, LMS, Enterprise systems, Productivity suites.

Healthcare & Lifesciences

Medical devices, Hospital management systems, Pharma, Wearable tech, Personal healthcare, Fitness, Wellness.

Networks & Smart devices

Telecom, Home automation, Data networks, M2M, IoT, Utilities, Law enforcement, Defense & Border security.

Education & Edtech

Institutions, Portals, Apps, Learning management, Gamified learning, MOOCs, Universities, Learning centers.

Banking & Financial Services

Fintechs, Banks, Insurance, Payments, Wallets, Lending, Trading, Investment, Blockchain, Currencies, Wealth management.

Services & Expertise

Over the last 1.5 decades, Think Design has been at the helm of solutioning for the ever-changing landscape. While as a design company we cover breadth of challenges across industries, we have also navigated depths in order to craft solutions of user relevance and business impact. Leading industries, organizations and governments have trusted Think Design for advancing their initiatives. Drop in a word or call us; and we will be happy to demonstrate why


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