GE Configurator: Defining workflows for a fortune company

Empower is a unified platform that gives you 24/7 access to a self-serve Internet site that puts you in control of your business. GE is one of the largest companies in this world, and Think design partnered to define the enterprise UX for the company, providing a seamless experience for a globalized solution.


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The Challenge

The existing platform was challenged with a non-real time disconnected process which was not responsive. A reliable responsive and context-driven solution needed to be put in place which could empower users at any time, through any device.

The leadership at GE envisioned a world where their customers and their systems could interact seamlessly and needed to grow awareness and engagement through constant communication & a consistent message delivering timely, accurate information to the customer when and how they wanted. The solution would then be deployed across the world in a phased manner.


Our Methodology

Alignment with stakeholders to understand objectives

Through stakeholder workshop, we aligned User, Business and Technology thus shaping up desirable, viable and feasible solution. Going forward, mapping vision with actionable insights helped set the ground for the work ahead.

Setting up the context in Concepts

We proposed visual design language which is aligned to the usage scenario and can be applied seamlessly across all devices and also gives a delightful experience to the user.

Alignment with latest trends in visual design

Considering the requirement for a simple and easy seamless browse and search experience the concept was aligned with the latest visual design trends.

Development in sync with the design strategy

We proposed a design language that qualified with the above two steps while adhering to the scope and constraints of its implementation as a responsive app.


Key features and highlights

1. GE Configurator

Allows its users to configure their installation that could later be ordered through their E-commerce gateway. Thus, the configurator is at the core of GE Empower, its E-commerce gateway. Workflows, interactions, UI elements and feedback loops were defined setting the tone ground up.

2. Transparency through information

Was approached by building necessary frameworks, flows and information visualization to bring in transparency and clarity at every stage of user interaction.

3. Responsive and simplified design

View and access QMS anywhere – in the office, on the go – on any device. Also, clean form design with new controls makes it easier to fill out forms. Users have a single login, personalized portal and can quickly find items and add, copy and delete them.

4. Streamlined order placement and tracking process

Now items could be selected to place an order in a convenient 3-step process. History can be viewed to see all the changes across a quote over a period of time. Timely notifications keep users updated with important information at the right time.

5. Revamped pricing experience

Users can easily price the items in a quote through a clean and simplified Pricing experience. They can also view the Bill Of Materials and make quick edits to share with a customer. Bill of Materials provides a quick yet detailed overview of the configuration.


Design activities

Insight and Strategy workshop, Ideation, Wireframe & Prototyping continuous iteration, Front end Development.


Current status

True to its name, GE Empower now empowers its users through seamless processes and service; anytime, anywhere, any device and provides transparency for the first time in the category. The application was successfully launched in Feb 2016 and penetrated globally within a year of launch.

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Task Analysis

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Role Play

User Testing/ Validation
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User Testing/ Validation

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