Zoylo: Designing the digital healthcare ecosystem

Zoylo Digihealth Pvt. Ltd. aims to provide end to end healthcare services while ensuring a satisfying customer experience. With a vision to ensure healthcare is available on the fingertips of all users,  Think Design came on board to design an end to end digital healthcare ecosystem.


Healthcare & Lifesciences


Responsive web, Mobile app, Kiosks


Service Design, UI UX Design


Zoylo Digihealth was required to enhance their customer experience across all existing customer touchpoints (Website, Mobile apps, PMS). The challenge was to identify gaps in the current web platform and seek opportunities and solutions to accommodate scaling business propositions and varied user groups to ensure a seamless experience across all services offered.

Besides the design transformation, an engagement was required to create and ship a single platform that caters to different medical and healthcare related needs of users across locations spread throughout India. The need of the hour was to also achieve means to implement new services and features for different customer touchpoints and overcome challenges keeping the Indian users from accessing the best healthcare services.


Our Methodology

As a standard practice, Think Design team evaluates the project requirements first and suggests to adapt the User-Centered Design (UCD) approach as per context. As initial steps into this project, Think Design formed a visioning team with its moderator, participants from the client’s team to work together in defining the UX Vision and Strategy.

The leading market players for both platform wise and service wise were analyzed and competitors were compared on the basis of navigation, typography, iconography, graphics, color scheme mobility (website) and onboarding options. Post suggesting the key takeaways from competitive analysis our team at Think Design created a list of KPI’s and parameters for those.

Customer segmentation and persona creation are taken up to identify key user concerns, pain points and their goals through obtaining inputs from stakeholders. We identified key user flows through persona and scenario mapping, thus designing the User Experience through User-Centric Design Process.

As the next step into creating a strategic roadmap, benchmarks were set for the platform to be transactional, service-oriented with an ease of use. Incremental improvements were further suggested based on insights gathered. We defined the design directions for UX, indicating the need of a platform to be personalized, service-focused keeping the Brand Zoylo, device-agnostic, mobile-first and that which could establish a connection with the user being humanistic in its essence.

Further brand guidelines were decided, indicating the color palette and typography. Key modules and priorities in place, the direction for communication and tech stack gave its input to the final design.



1. Better integration of all services

Now the stakeholders can know what comes next through a comprehensive effort put in listing and defining all user journeys, content cataloging, research and content gathered and tagged by geo, disease and doctor.

2. Generates actionable insights

Through analytics, the extracted data can target audience as per attributes, encourage second opinion - across doctors, diagnosis and give qualified leads to service providers.

3. Allows for personalization

Suggestions based on profile, demographics, medical history, browsing history and searching history allow users to access personalized healthcare as per health profile –services & products.

4. Engages users throughout

The platform enables quick onboarding, is simple to use and learn, provides analytics and reports and enables quick transactions and facilitating user feedback creating a comprehensive ecosystem for accessible healthcare.



UX and Strategy workshop, Competition Analysis, Wireframes, Visual System, Front End Development, Prototyping.



The new avatar of Zoylo was launched to the market in January, 2019.

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Suggested Method


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