Abt Healthcare Toolkit: Mitigating infant mortality through Design

Abt Associates engaged Think Design for designing a tool to reduce delay along the care pathway for Pneumonia and Diarrhea in rural Bihar for reducing high infant mortality rate. The intervention needed to develop training and communication tools that will help the informal health providers in identifying severe cases and make timely referral to doctors. The solution is completely paper based and in physical form; thus paving way for massive adoption across several villages.


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Being set in rural background among underprivileged and vernacular audience, there were barriers to understanding the ecosystem, impact and scale of the problem and where to begin solving those problems. As the areas were predominantly non-digital, access to credible data was another major challenge.

In order to design interventions of impact, Think Design team needed to understand healthcare ecosystem in abstract as well as details, first hand.


Our Methodology

We started with a formative workshop where we discussed ecosystem map, patient and healthcare provider journeys. Through journey maps, we identified specific areas of intervention and set out to field research. Empirical understanding of the volunteers of Abt came in handy in identification of research areas, topics and people. A one-week deep ethnographic research of the two identified villages, interviews with patients and healthcare providers resulted in insights that provided direction to design ideas. We followed that up with stakeholder ideation workshop that resulted in several divergent directions.

During design phase, we interplayed ideation, design detailing and prototyping thereby iterating solutions forward. One of the critical components of success was the cost of developing solutions. This was addressed by integrating vendor ecosystem into the process of Design.

Solution alternatives were prototyped in actual intent (high fidelity) and tested in context with the users. A one week user testing resulted in area of refinements and further improvements.

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Design activities

Formative workshop, Field research, Ideation workshop, Concept-Test-Iterate cycles, User testing, Production design and coordination.


Current Status

Abt Associated launched the interventions in 2016. The solutions received a 20% adoption in the initial launch which has been increasing with time.


A Design Award 2017 A Design Award 2017
India's Best Design Project 2017 India's Best Design Project 2017
User Testing/ Validation
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User Testing/ Validation

Suggested Method


Suggested Method


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