Analyttica TreasureHunt: An intelligence marketplace

Analyttica TreasureHunt is a U.S Patented (Patent number: 9886867) experiential learning system for learning data analytics by solving real life problems. It is a pioneering product in its space; and something to this effect was being attempted for the very first time ever! Conceptualized as a platform that is a marketplace for learners consuming content from content providers, the initiative would be among the very first such manifestations in an increasingly growing industry.


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The Challenge

The main challenge was to come to a common understanding across the board that involved designers, engineers, innovators and business owners. The idea of User Centered Design and how it can create value to an already innovative idea took time to establish.

Thereafter, concepts of User Experience were clearly articulated and absorbed by the team. Another area that needed focus was the idea of certifying its learners. This required clear value proposition, credibility and authenticity demonstrated through the product’s User Experience and User Interface.


Our Methodology

Data analytics is complex; and for users who come here to learn, it could be overwhelming to see too much information at the very first time. We made progressive revelation thereby making the experience easy on users’ minds. Given that its users may pursue this as a part time activity, there were clear indicators of users’ journey in a timeline format; maintaining learning continuum through the journey was not only desirable but also critical to product's UX.

In order to make the marketplace model successful, we needed to consider experience of course creators as well. Consolidated efforts went into making a course creator's experience delightful, thus ensuring the availability of a vast library of courses and a continuous value addition to learners.
Analyttica TreasureHunt

Further, the design required identification of key features that its users would experience while using the product. These features would be the talking points at a time when the product sees competitive or parallel products. By introducing unique features, we were making the product somewhat future ready:

Key features

1. Collaboration

Helps users across the world work on a challenge together and solve.

2. Real-life challenges

Most of the courses and problems are designed around what data analysts face in real-life... making it the only platform where you could solve real life challenges and get rewarded for it.

3. For Enterprises

Organizations can now enroll batches of students on this platform; the administrator will be able to track their batch's progress through real-time dashboard interface.

4. Certification

Learning is more complete when there's a reward. TreasureHunt provides certification post module/ course completion. In case of enterprises, the certificate is co-branded as well.

5. Timeline

Timeline view gives its users, a control on their progress. Users can also rollback and learn concepts all over again, if they think they may have missed something.

6. Gamification

Users are also rewarded in the form of badges, making their baby steps seem worthwhile.

Analyttica TreasureHunt

Design activities

Consulting, Stakeholder Workshop, Strategy and Product Definition, Visual System, UI UX Design, Front end Development, Prototyping.


Current status

Analyttica TreasureHunt went live into the market in December 2017. Within a few weeks of launch and with no marketing spend, the platform received thousands of user signups. This itself is a manifestation of the success of good design. The product recently received U.S Patent (Patent number: 9886867).

Due to its increasing user base, there are more courses being created and uploaded as we speak.


Good Design Award 2018 Good Design Award 2018
India’s Best Design Project Award 2018 India’s Best Design Project Award 2018
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Extreme User Interviews

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