Happy New Decade!

  • January 2020


Well, technically it isn’t a new decade but who’s getting too technical here? For those who aren’t yet tuned with the idea of what constitutes the end of the decade, technically it is December 31, 2020 and the reason is that we never had the year 0. Well, technicality aside, we choose to look at this as a new decade since in our recent memory, the year 2000 marked the new Millennium.
Coming to the topic, our team has put together a few trends and opportunities to watch out for, in the new decade and we take this opportunity to share it with the design community.

UX Design Trends

  • Accessible UX
  • Conversational UX
  • Maximalism
  • No-more loaders
  • Hyper-Personalizatiion
  • More micro-interactions

UI Design Trends

  • Oversized typography
  • Broken grids
  • Dark UI
  • Hybrid animation
  • Voice UI
  • Surreal Illustrations

Data Design Trends

  • Mobile BI
  • Data-driven culture
  • Data storytelling
  • Actionable insights
  • Intuitive graphics
  • Self-service intelligence

As we embark on our journey into the new decade, we look forward to newer capabilities to touch human lives deeply. A very happy new decade to all!

Happy New Decade!

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