Launched: Transformed Vapor IO Website

  • July 2021


Vapor IO provides the industry’s first USA-wide network truly solving for the edge, combining edge exchange, edge colocation, and edge networking.


Think Design is the partner for Vapor IO’s website transformation journey as the company is ramping up its digital presence owing to a massive uptake in demand for their services. The newly transformed website was unveiled to the public in July 2021.


As part of the transformation journey, Think Design delivered key strategic outputs including:

  • Transformation Strategy, UX & UI for website.
  • CMS Development
  • CRM Integration
  • Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • URL Consolidation and SEO Foundation
  • Marcom
  • Visual assets and design system
  • Continuous improvement and maintenance

Do visit to experience it first hand.

Launched: Transformed Vapor IO Website

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