Agility Transfora: A 360° enterprise management platform

Agility is one of the world's leading logistics companies with a global reach spanning across several developed & developing markets. Agility e-Services - is an entity of Agility, which handles the IT operations and needs for Agility and its entities. Transfora is Agility’s enterprise management platform which enables real-time automation and optimization of business processes. Think Design partnered with Agility to build a pioneering user experience for a powerful embedded workflow management system.


Logistics and Transportation


Web and Mobile Application


User Research, UX, Service Design


The intention was to replace the existing on-premise product that Agility was using internally and make it cloud-based, open to all the organizations around the world based on a subscription plan. Business processes across sectors and functions become inefficient with growing manual interactions, slow issue resolutions, inflexible and unresponsive systems. A 360° enterprise management platform was needed that could transform business through efficient processes and an experience promising comprehensive workflow management.

In this context, facilitating broad visibility, reduction in process errors, facilitating easy decision making across the platform are a few of the business benefits which were required to be embedded. A requirement of better monitoring and standardization of processes that could improve consistency across geography, channels, and divisions were perceived as challenges to address in building the entire journey of the application.


Our Methodology

Our engagement was marked by beginning to understand the needs of the relevant stakeholders, users, exploring factors which the users might care about most. The intention was to capture user personas & their expectations from the platform and mapping scenarios and environments for using the platform.

Understanding the application workflow, extracting key workflows, and detailing them we moved to classify competitors conducted a competitor analysis. Deducing USPs of the platform and proposing features to outperform, we collaborated with Agility to explore design directions.

The workshop insights presented to other stakeholders led to generating insights creating decisions on deciding governance models and data sharing mediums. Team members were asked to come up with the key flow for the customer which would capture all the critical milestones to prioritize key features.


1. Tech Platform which enables and integrates business processes

Transfora is a complete product suite for modeling, automating, managing, simulating, optimizing, executing business processes across organizational divisions, systems and applications. The suite improves process efficiency and quality by raising utilization and throughput.

2. Seamless automation of processes

Our process designer allows business process owners to easily configure, design and simulate their business processes efficiently. Transfora cuts across departments, applications, and users providing a process-driven approach to achieve efficiencies in one’s organization.

3. Automated workflows connecting different roles to different users

Integrated process-driven e-forms enable easy smooth office automation, making the organization a paperless office. Several business drivers like customers and partners that need to communicate on different fronts navigate through simple workflows for defining successful business relationships.

4. Empowered users through Custom App builder and a Global inbox

Users can easily navigate between work processes and perform end-to-end processes with minimal user training and build their own apps. Users can see the entire work process at a glance to instantly define where they are in the process and the steps necessary to complete it. A universal inbox was integrated to manage all messages, notifications request approvals in a completely integrated and seamless manner.

5. Analytics and Reporting to support decision making

The platform offers monitoring of KPIs and dashboards on a separate layer that integrates various processes and provides complete visibility and decision-making capabilities to the senior and executive management.


Consulting, Stakeholder Workshop, Conceptualization, Wireframing, Visual Design, Front End Development, Dev. Coordination.



The project is live and being used internally within Agility and its sister companies.

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