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Enagedly’s mission is to improve employee engagement by making workplace fun and motivating. The one-of-a-kind employee engagement platform provides 360 degree talent management and is built for improving engagement and building high performance teams. Think Design engaged with the founding team at early stages to drive insights, strategy, concepts and design; culminating in pioneering User Experience.


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The Challenge

Employee engagement platform is an oxymoron... they hardly engage employees. The key challenge was to come up with ideas and strategies that will engage employees genuinely that will lead to better performance and loyalty to employer brand.

Engagement portals usually are seen as "another of several IT initiatives" that deserve to be ignored. How then can we arrive at key performance indicators that tell us that employees are engaged?


Our Methodology

The very beginning of the project started with considering user at the core… business, technology and operational concerns were centred around the users’ aspirations and requirements.

With the right beginnings, we set out to create a platform that could easily scale to any organization’s needs… the fundamental to that being, it would address the needs of the people in those organizations!

Through stakeholder workshop, we aligned User, Business and Technology thus shaping up desirable, viable and feasible solution. Going forward, mapping vision with actionable insights helped set the ground for the work ahead.

We took an approach of exploration to enable Creativity drive the process. Through iteration and refinement, Design Thinking led critical decision-making rather than the other way around.


Key features

1. Interface design approach

Taking cues from modern touch interfaces, card-based design approach paved way for the entire UI Design. Through various kinds of cards, stories were told, interactions were guided, elements were organized and the platform was shaped.

2. Information and interaction design

As Card-based approach guided information display, interaction design was sorted out in the early stages. Furter, critical actions were touch friendly … and this gave cues to future mobile applications as well. IA was guided by modules which was further influenced by user mental models.

3. Visual Design

Visual Design focused on a colourful character, yet neutralizing the impact through tertiary color pallette. Since the platform would be solutioned and deployed at organizations that use it, it was necessary to main certain amount of neutrality to it. It was easy to adapt to an organization's own color palette and whitelabel the product.


Design activities

Stakeholder workshop, Market study, Secondary research, Ideation and Wireframe iteration, Visual design and Visual system, Interaction design, Front end Development.


Current status

The platform is being deployed at organizations as we speak and as of today, it is being successfully deployed and used across several companies across geographies. Engagedly was launched in 2015.

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