Figo: Roaming, with no strings attached

Globetouch is a global connectivity solution for businesses worldwide with its network providing connectivity for a wide range of devices and operators. With increase in the number of users wanting to use data while they roam without having to lose their identity, a new opportunity was born. International roaming is now up for disruption, with Globetouch’s FiGO pioneering it.


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A new opportunity in the context of data roaming was identified and proposed by the Globetouch team. As UX Practitioners, Think Design’s role was to tangibilize this idea into a seamless, usable and delightful product that is mature from the day it would be launched.


Our Methodology

A three day stakeholder workshop resulted in articulation of the proposition and technical details; It was important at this stage to deep dive into user flows and task models. As user flows were identified as the crux to the success of the product, we iterated on them several times before finalizing on the most optimal directions.

Since the product was at its inception stage, it was also important to give it a very strong identity that would be unique and identifiable. Thus, a design system was being developed in parallel to user flows and interactions. As the approach had it, Think Design, Globetouch and Tech teams collaborated simultaneously to run the project in agile methodology. The process of design entailed several initiatives such as:

  • Documentation of workshop insights
  • Wireframe click through mockups and iterations
  • Design system
  • Identification of key elements, screens and interactions as we went along
  • Design and Specification of specific modules, oversee tech team outcome and troubleshoot

Intuitive vs. unique

It was important to address this particular side of design strategy. The product was innovative by its very nature and design furthered its success by making it easy to use. Effort went into making the app usage intuitive rather than unique in interactions. This was being consciously done to avoid visual distractions while using the app.


Design activities

Stakeholder workshop, Documentation, Design planning, Design and GUI system, Wireframing, Storyboarding, Low fidelity prototyping, Visual asset library, Specifications, Development coordination, app packaging (splash animations, showcase etc,.) and post development testing.


Current status

Figo app was launched in December 2016 in select markets.


Creativepool People's Choice 2017 Creativepool People's Choice 2017
Good Design Award 2017 Good Design Award 2017
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Concurrent Probing

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