Healthshots: Demystifying wellness for the Millennial Indian Women

HT Digital Media’s new vertical on health, Healthshots is a first of its kind initiative, focusing on demystifying wellness for the millennial Indian woman. As part of the creation of their web portal for Healthshots, Think Design became a part of the team, as the design partner of a new-age platform.




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In times when fitness and wellness are being seen as an essential element for the contemporary lifestyle of any millennial Indian woman, there exists an absence of a credible and safe space for women to understand the various nuances of wellness. The team of Healthshots viewed this as an opportunity for a platform for Indian millennial women to connect with experts and get information on mental health, parental care and bust various stereotypes existing concerning wellness for women.

Being a first in the market, a challenge was to design a safe space for women, to freely share concerns, ask questions and get to discuss one’s most intimate issues and challenges that plague their emotional health. Engagement being an important KPI, we needed to create an experience which could be engaging for different seekers, (whether a fitness freak, or wanting peace of mind, or learning how to eat better, or striving to move towards a healthier lifestyle) – making Health Shots as a platform which could be a friend one can always rely on.

We stepped in to design a platform that created positive influence!


Our Methodology

During the period of our engagement, Think Design worked closely with the business and technology teams to identify their requirements and understand the product vision comprehensively. While designing, we ensure to consolidate all the business and strategic inputs obtained in various workshop sessions and presentations, to come up with the key values that drive our design directions for the platform.

User research for the unique target segment - the millennial Indian woman was an essential exercise to create personas and define journeys together, which also gave way to define their USP’s. We delved into competition benchmarking analysis, based on the inputs for which, visual design concepts were created to finalize the strategic design direction.

Our teams came up with a collaborative approach across every stage of the design process to evaluate and suggest various customization options better suited to the primary user, to incorporate superior UX. This was essential for bringing in the brand value to the fore and to build a user-centric mobile-first, wellness platform for women.


1. Personalized content customized for the user

The entire communication was imagined differently while keeping in sight the millennial mindset in mind. Being more user-focused than brand-focused, user research was conducted to understand different perspectives of the millennial women. Keeping the essence of the platform at center, we broke stereotypes in terms of color palettes used, fonts and visual elements incorporated. The visual look and feel is kept fluid and contemporary in the context of the audience we wanted to focus on.

2. Busting myths together

Certain myths run around. The platform allows users to share their most embarrassing health concerns while busting a myth every day, through credible content curated by slew of medical doctors and fitness experts. Based on the content tonality, we designed this interactive daily, spread across various topics, with a different visual style to connect it with a topic through iconography and illustration.

3. Navigating moods through music

Healthshots provide users to explore a widget based on different moods, predefines a playlist matching the mood, providing users an option to play music, which fits their mood at the moment. We designed this innovative feature, with an interactive element, where the player keeps playing in the background while users can move across the website.

4. Content consumption designed consciously

Visually we segregated articles and other formats across the feed, iconized the format in the tile itself, visually segregating content format through icons. The structuring of stories vs interactive elements is kept very different, whether you are navigating through a poll, a long read, a short read, forum or any other form of content, the containers are designed differently to capture and bring out the functionality and essence of the content alive.



Consulting, Stakeholder Workshop, Visual System, UI UX Design, Prototyping, Product Development coordination.



The website was launched in November 2019 and is getting a positive response from users across the country!

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