Globetouch Connect : Driving seamless global connectivity

Globe connect is an enterprise cloud solution built to enable cloud SIM maintenance for enterprise admin users. GlobeTouch Connect provides carrier-neutral global connectivity to enable devices to connect to the internet. Think Design helped Globetouch to build this application from the ground up, to bring out a frictionless UX/UI.


Telecom Networks & Smart Devices


Cloud-Based Web Application


UI UX Design, Data Design

The Challenge

The goal of the leadership at Globetouch was to provide an M2M common services platform in the ecosystem, which could seamlessly support 2G, UMTS and LTERAN technologies provided by MNO or MVNE network.

The current challenges included reducing the information overload on the platform, providing multilingual support at user level and providing a simpler search functionality and information drill Down and filters for empowering and enabling user actions. A minimalistic design layout and a seamless interaction needed to be implicitly built for a platform of such scale and usability.


Our Methodology

As a principle, Think Design team evaluates the project requirements first and suggests to adapt the User-Centered Design (UCD) approach as per context. As initial steps into this project, Think Design formed a visioning team with its moderator, participants from the client’s team to work together in defining the UX Vision and Strategy.

Following key steps were taken as we collaborated to build a comprehensive application:

  1. We reviewed and understood parallel products and captured the project’s vision and insights through workshops. We evaluated & researched other similar products in the local and international markets to compare and bring value to the table.
  2. Our team identified key user concerns, pain points and their goals through inputs from stakeholders. We identified key user flows through persona and scenario mapping, thus designing the User Experience through User-Centric Design Process.
  3. Establishing a robust Information Architecture that allows intuitive access to content, a future proof framework was brought into reality.
  4. We developed wireframes for key screens and extended the key wireframes to workflow based storyboard. This led us to coming up with a fluidic framework and navigation for one standard resolution. We agreed that experience should be built based on the best on best practices of User Experience Design(Credibility, Device, Environment, Identity, Persuasion & ContentLayout) and this together led us to decide on the visual design direction.
Globetouch Connect

Key features

1. Powering your IoT connectivity

Globe connect plays a key role in IoT Connectivity management of cloud sims. Other key functions such as Cloud SIM Lifecycle management, inventory/asset management profile management, subscription management, Invoicing & Reports etc. were designed to enable intuitive user engagement and ease of operation.

2. User-Centered Design

User of the product was either from Globetouch’s team who maintains an account with the key clients or Qualified telco engineers who are part of their client team. The UX/UI design was customized and built keeping the primary users in mind.

3. Functionalities to empower

Easy to use Search Engine, exporting of data from the platform, file uploading and other features which manifested Co-Branding with partner MNO and Application Service, were rethought and designed to build seamless interaction and simplified user experience into the application. G Connect delighted stakeholders with newer functionalities which empowered!

Globetouch Connect

Design activities

Stakeholder workshop, Ideation, Wireframes and Storyboards, Design System, Custom Responsive grid system, Front end development, UI Guidelines and Application development coordination.


Current status

Globetouch connect was launched to global markets in Q1 2017. Driving seamless and intelligent connectivity, the platform has received excellent user adoption.

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