KryptoGraphe: Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

KryptoGraphe is the first Crypto Portfolio App that integrates with your crypto exchange accounts and auto-syncs your portfolio, so that you don't have to manually enter all your transaction details. 20 crypto exchanges are integrated with KryptoGraphe already,. Get a real view of your crypto portfolio, see how you’re performing and keep up with the latest market news.


Banking & Financial Services


Android and iOS


UI UX Design


Conceptualizing and creating an award winning app from scratch doesn't come easy. When we started, what seemed to be a simple mobile app with API integrations actually ended up becoming visual branding challenge in addition to ui ux design challenge. Firstly, the concept of brand, color and stance needed to be determined appropriately... we wanted to stay away from the approach of making it belong in finance or banking category.


Our Methodology

We chose unconventional colors and typography for our work and it took a few iterations to convince ourselves and the stakeholders about it. From the ui ux design standpoint, we were looking at key aspects such as navigation, framework, user flow and data visualization. The entire approach was to not only create the first app in category, but also the best one!

Key features

KryptoGraphe is characterized by several advanced features like FIFO based accounting and portfolio performance insights, among others. Great metrics and dashboards, regular news updates, and a view to the current state of the CoinMarketCap Top 100. Kryptographe app is available in 5 languages, more to be added soon.

1. Portfolio Management

Get a detailed view of where the portfolio stands overall (profit, loss, and % growth or decline). Get quick and effortless views by coin, exchange, etc., and by period (day, week, month, etc.).

2. Relative Performance

Check how the portfolio is performing against other investors to understand your real performance: All Investors, Top 25% Investors, Investors from Your Country, Investors with Similar Portfolio Sizes, etc.

3. Percentile Score

KG app shows how your portfolio is doing not just on an absolute basis (Growth Nos), but also relative to other investors in the market (Percentile Nos) to have an insight on how well you are positioned. Learn how your portfolio is doing compared to All Investors and Investors similar to you.


Design Activities

Stakeholder workshop, Ideation, IA, Wireframes and Storyboards, Design System, UI Guidelines and App development coordination.


Current status

Android and iOS versions of the Kryptographe app were launched in the global markets in Q1 2018. Within weeks of launch with no marketing spend, the apps received 20,000 + downloads across app stores.


India’s Best Design Project 2018 India’s Best Design Project 2018
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