Linchpin app: Enterprise learning, made engaging and fun

Linchpin app is an enterprise learning platform that makes the process of learning, engaging and fun.With ability to create, manage, track and administer, Linchpin app is a comprehensive platform for enterprises that want to make learning a part of their culture. The company partnered with Think Design to strategize, conceptualize, design and build this platform ground up.


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Most of the enterprises have invested in a host of learning platforms and applications, however, the rate of adoption is very poor. While a few of the employees find them boring, a few other see it as another of several IT initiatives that is meant to be ignored.

When we looked at this problem from the point of view of the users, we heard a question very loud and clear: “What is in it that compels me to use it”?


Our Methodology

In order to gain deeper insight into the problem areas and propose solutions, we gathered for a two-day stakeholder workshop. We involved cross functional teams and first advocated User Centred Design process, followed by ideation from stakeholders representing their respective areas of expertise.

We followed that up with a deep secondary research covering competition, substitutes and inspiring parallels. This led to insights that had the potential to tap into a few unmet needs. E.g:

  1. Considering the Administrator as a key user; making the workflow of creating course content and managing users, a breeze.
  2. Adopting a ‘Mobile first’ approach thereby allowing for easy handoffs among multiple devices people use.
  3. Gamification and Leaderboard, giving rise to recognition and appreciation of employees’ time spent on learning.
  4. Delightful interactions, that could lead to enjoyable usage of the application. Personalisation, that allowed enterprises and users to choose colors that they prefer to use.

Design activities

Stakeholder workshop, Ideation, Secondary research, Documentation, IA, Wireframes and Storyboards, Design System, Low fidelity prototyping, Custom Responsive grid system, Front end development, UI Guidelines and Application development coordination.


Current Status

Linchpinapp was launched with its full feature web platform in mid 2016. The platform is currently being used across medium and large enterprises.

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