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Founded by a group of entrepreneurs and professionals with 75+ years of combined experience in the domains of healthcare, technology and advisory, Mediport (now, Nerve24) was conceptualized as a one-stop information and enterprise resource for doctors, diagnostics, pharmacies, hospitals and patients. A collaboration with Think design spearheaded to achieve this vision of providing connected healthcare, accessible to all.


Healthcare & Lifesciences


Responsive Web, Android Mobile Application


UI UX Design, Service Design

The Challenge

Mediport aims to redefine the way various constituents of the healthcare ecosystem interact with each other and ultimately with the consumer. Mediport’s specialized technology solutions were envisioned to enable digital interactions leading to optimized/streamlined processes and increased revenues and profitability for its partners.

In this process, Mediport needed to present a unified front to its end-user, thereby becoming a one-stop solution provider for all the healthcare requirements. This necessitated a product which could be clearly differentiated from existing products in the market, supplemented with a great visual look and feel to the application.

Mediport approached Think Design with a challenge to create a seamless user experience that was relevant to their context and based on the best practices of Design.


Our Methodology

A beginning to a class-leading platform was initiated with collaborative effort. Think Design enabled the formation of a visioning team with a moderator, designers and participants from Mediport to work together and form UX Vision and Strategy.

User Profiling was then done to understand the needs, pain points and user goals of the different users of the platform, while Entity Mapping further helped to understand the interrelationships between the different stakeholders. Technological decisions were taken to choose the front end, databases, third-party tools as per the platforms of development and our teams moved ahead with a common direction. We undertook Competitive Analysis for both national and international assess platforms on the criteria of Modules, Colors, Features, Ease of Navigation and Design Style to mine out crucial insights.

Drawing from which, an Information Architecture was built further leading to decisions on Design Considerations - user workflows, keywords and key screens. These together forged a strategic and collaborative Road Map for implementation.


Key Insights

1. Patient-Centric

A platform which works on medical history and minimizes the doctor-patient visiting cycle is commonly preferred by all.

2. Golden hour Support

The platform needed to build trust and credibility by providing healthcare in the 1st hour in an emergency.

3. Connected healthcare Ecosystem

To be deemed as a Medical health care service provider which is comprehensive, the platform needed to provide connected healthcare, accessible to all, available in a simplified manner



1. Simplified User Registration

User flows and input forms were redesigned by making them usable and delightful to fill. Since the application demanded loads of user data, input forms could have otherwise become the bane of this product.

2. Facilitating User goals

Fulfilling of objectives of different stakeholders like doctors, patients, hospitals, diagnostics, pharmacy, blood bank and ambulance service providers, is ensured by capturing every user activity and extensive data analytics.

3. Enhanced User Engagement

Users are now provided with increased choices to the use of informed decision making (through ratings, reviews and more), facilitated with timely access to healthcare during critical emergency situations.



Consulting, Stakeholder Workshop, Product Definition, Task Analysis, Journey maps, Ideation, Wireframe and iteration, Visual design and Visual system, Front End Development.


Current status

Mediport was launched in 2018 as Nerve24.

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