QuaQua: Designing a new age Virtual Travel Experience

Quaqua is a virtual travel platform that aims to enable prospective travelers to get more than a real immersive travel experience. In doing so, the platform would inspire travelers to go on real travel by providing real-time updates and preparing them for their travel. Think Design enabled this journey of imagining and designing this coming of age platform for experiential travelers.


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Travelers’ face a fragmented experience due to disjoint platforms for different travel offerings, thus creating a need for an experience-driven travel platform. The main challenge was to change the way people travel and make the entire globe accessible for all by allowing collaboration with an experience ecosystem leveraging technology. User-Centered Design was the need of the hour, to provide varied and immersive, end to end experiences that could transcend physical travel.

For people who are looking for more experiential than transactional travel, technology is making things accessible more easily - with a democratization of knowledge. Qua Qua envisioned to become a world-class platform through scalable, flexible and intuitive features, exploring possibilities beyond real and virtual realms by leveraging intelligent technology. Our journey with QuaQua required to create an intelligent, intuitive and interactive UX, which strives to engage users to personalize experiences and consume end to end virtual travel journeys.


Our Methodology

Our stakeholder workshop guided an understanding of the vision, motivations, and objectives of the various stakeholders of the ecosystem, leading to an identification of the success measures for an innovative platform like QuaQua. Our efforts were streamlined with a comprehensive exploration in the relevant user segments, creating personas and defining user journeys’ for different personas. Secondary research of the online travel industry and the future of virtual tourism helped in mapping out the context and looking at possibilities together.

Understanding users allowed us to generate insights on the personas which best fit the product requirements. User’s perspectives on virtual travel and needs for a consistent experience across multiple devices, personalized and accurate travel suggestions, revealed as key takeaways. We also gained through a thorough competitor analysis across features, functionalities, UI and UX to guide strategic design directions.
Qua Qua


1. Immersive and intuitive travel experience

The platform delivers more than real (150%) experiences through features like 360-degree videos which are designed to allow for complete immersion of the user with seamless interactions that facilitate a virtual reality experience. Varied content is structured and designed differently to ensure ease of readability and usage for an intuitive experience.

2. Innovative yet informative platform

Qua Qua is designed as a global virtual tourism platform that becomes useful as a travel research and planning tool, intelligent to the extent of being relevant and suggestive to the user as per their context. The design supports the entire journey of a user with accurate, e2e travel information covering inspiration, research and planning, booking and post-travel activities, capturing metadata, content, booking and community for each point of interest on map, metasearch engine for attraction, activities, and tours.

3. Personalized and convenient for all kinds of travelers

Users are segmented into different categories as per the kind of travel experience they are looking for and can discover curated content and information which is trending for them, as relevant to them. The interactions, journey, and visual elements are contextualized to suit the unique needs of the travelers offering a visually rich and excitingly new experience that is personalized and can stand out in comparison to physical travel.

Qua Qua


Consulting, Stakeholder Workshop, Strategy and Product Definition, Visual System, UI UX Design, Front end Development, Prototyping.



The platform got recently launched and has boosted engagement time for 4+ minutes, making a bounce rate less than 39%, and is becoming popular as one of the most advanced travel platforms in the industry.

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Extreme User Interviews
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Extreme User Interviews

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