Sun Pharma Genie: Internal employee portal to engage and delight

Sun Pharma needed Think Design’s intervention to improve employee engagement with the company. While productivity and connectivity metrics were well off the mark, the emotive connects were somewhat missing. Think Design rose to the occasion by conceptualizing and designing Sun Pharma’s own employee portal, Genie.


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Sun Pharma envisaged to be positioned as a brand that was contemporary, collaborative and provides an engagement platform for its employees which was both simple, intuitive and seamless. Think Design needed to design a seamless experience for the existing intranet portal which not only enhances usability but also meets the new standards of a modern Sun pharma.


Our Methodology

Our engagement was marked by beginning to understand the needs of the relevant stakeholders, users, exploring factors which the users might care about most. User personas were created which further guided the creation of user journeys and task flows.

Our team carried out a competitive analysis of the other players in the market to identify and understand the best practices of internal engagement portals. All insights generated through these activities fed in creating the design directions and deciding on the UI benchmarks for Sun Pharma.



1. Activity stream to replicate social experience

Activity stream was conceptualized like news feed of social networking apps. This is the primary landing page of users, and now there are more reasons than one for people to engage with each other and with the organization at the larger level.

2. Superior productivity, through integrations

  • Calendar: Calendar integration helps keep tab of shared calendars and employee’s own engagements. Employees can now manage dependencies better.
  • My drive: By incorporating my drive feature, Genie becomes all the more useful for its users who love to upload. Users can also publish files to each other thus obviating the need to send emails when not required.

3. Prioritizing Tasks

Two level left navigation for ease in accessing. Alerts, Messages, and Tasks given a priority. All activities panel is a tile view for the user to quickly glance through and enhances efficiency. Only tasks which are relevant can be seen as well, through different chart styles



Consulting, Stakeholder Workshop, Wireframing, UI & Visual Design, Front End Development, Dev. Coordination.



Sun Pharma Genie was launched to internal users in 2017.

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