Infozech: User Centered Design across solutions for the telecom industry

Infozech is a leading provider of game-changing, technology-led solutions with leadership in Applied analytics in the telecom industry. Think Design worked with Infozech in designing and materializing several strategic initiatives targeted at the telecom industry.


Telecom, Networks & Smart Devices


Responsive Web, Android Mobile, Embedded


UI UX Design, User Research


Infozech combines cloud-based technologies with a managed services approach to deliver unique solutions. Infozech's iTOWERS is aimed at making it easier for passive infrastructure provider to remotely monitor the functioning of their tower sites.

Providing deep and actionable analytics to telecom players in a consumable way, remained as a challenge to expand their scope and empower telecom industry cohesively. Their solution needed to highlight the critical alarms and site criticality, indicating parameters such as operator details, ticket status, pending tasks etc.

However, the current application needed to be simple to use and navigate, with uncluttered data representation and easier drill downs to make it intuitive to the users and take action. With a vision to create usable and delightful solutions, we embarked on this exciting journey of defining Experience Strategy.


Our Methodology

Understanding the Client Vision, the scope of the requirements, business objectives and brand position is necessary to align with the stakeholders and establish a common language and common objectives to work towards.

Achieving this through a stakeholder workshop, we moved to understand and discover more details of our primary user by engaging in user personas and scenarios creation along with building of task models. We identified and created different usage-based personas to build different user journeys for both monitoring or normal users.

Since the monitoring users would use the app on Monitoring TV screens, previewing the design images simultaneously on TV screens helped us test text, sizes, color, contrast, Orientation, Portrait and Landscape Modes and ergonomics, all at a time where changes can be easily made during the design process. Thus this helped us iterate faster to a better final design.

Since multiple components with sub-levels were required User Experience aspects like Information Architecture, Navigation Structure etc. required attention.

Visual design was aligned with Infozech’s brand color, typography and latest trends. A common visual style in Information coding, for example, was using red to highlight critical alarm information.

Products and Solutions

1. Best value recommender

Customer service representatives and Enterprise users can now use this Best Value Recommender to analyze customer usage data, derive insights and come up with recommended plans. The interface is easy to use, intuitable and is designed as a single screen solution to complex drill-downs.

2. ETS: Energy Tracking System

Enterprise users at Tower infrastructure companies use ETS to monitor and optimize energy usage, track issues and raise alerts, consolidate data across towers, sites, circles and zones; finally, use the solution to view and manage infrastructure billing.

3. Energy sense: Mobility

An easy to use mobile app for maintenance personnel, the initiative helps eliminate loads of paperwork and associated pinpoints and errors due to paperwork. By using a digital solution, the life of maintenance personnel became easy!

4. Monitoring app

Designed as a thick client, platform-agnostic, infrastructure-based application, iRoc helps tower operators report critical issues and drive immediate actions. Through iTower, tower infrastructure now has access to an entire suite of applications that help in Monitoring, Analyzing, Accessing, Reporting, Maintaining, Billing, Troubleshooting and more.


Design activities

Consulting, Stakeholder Workshops, Wireframing, Visual System, User testing, Front End Development.


Current Status

Infozech’s range of apps were launched between 2013 and 2014 progressively.

Task Analysis
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Task Analysis

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Contextual Inquiry

User Testing/ Validation
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User Testing/ Validation

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