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The Telegraph is an Indian English daily newspaper founded and continuously published in Kolkata since 7 July 1982. It is published by the ABP Group and the newspaper competes with The Times of India. As a pan-India newspaper most popular in Calcutta, Telegraph partnered with Think Design to transform its static desktop-based website.


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What differentiates Telegraph from other newspapers in India is its curated, fleet street and fearless journalism. An opportunity and challenge for the website was to ensure that Telegraph digital retains the flavor of the newspaper which has bold and edgy headlines.

The platform was envisioned to keep intact the essence of journalism being authentic, honest, credible and opinionated. While establishing the newspaper as a leading brand and value-adding to news and adding more direct users by incentivizing users to come directly to the website as opposed to social media.


Our Methodology

A strategy and alignment workshop was conducted with the Telegraph digital team to capture business insights and vision for the product and business objectives for the website . An approach to understand the users was taken by understanding what would be a goal of a user while engaging with Telegraph. Users' journey was also understood by exploring the possibilities users could have for entry, on-site and exit.

Competitive analysis helped to analyze direct, new competition and establish benchmark s. Our team engaged in perceptual mapping exercise to map competitors against relevant metrics and ads were deeply analyzed to engage with various considerations of ad-based marketing while creating a class-leading user experience.

Technology aspects were also considered to narrow down on constraints while creating design directions for both mobile and desktop and create resolutions. Strategic directions were articulated with defining the page anatomy and information architecture.



1. Extended reach

By designing an adaptive website responsive to both mobile and desktop we aimed to establish the brand for a pan-India and global audience.

2. The essence kept alive

Keeping in mind the tenets of bold headlines and fearless journalism, the design was conceptualized to reveal a visual interpretation of the same.

3. A string of pulse

Similar stories were connected together, designing and bringing them together through visual-hierarchy, allowing users to intuitively navigate to more news around a central news.

4. Packaging to differentiate

Different blogs, articles, news were differentially packaged to bring forth their essence powerfully. The editorials which required to be stood out were highlighted through author-driven placements and page structuring.



Consulting, Stakeholder Workshop, Strategy and product Definition, Visual System, UI UX Design, Prototyping, Front end Development, Portal development.



The transformed web news portal went live in 2018 and has been garnering superior user engagement with a delightful UX and user journey at disposal!

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