Yupp TV: Entertainment for the Indian diaspora

YuppTv is an internet television provider of live and catch-up TV and movies, enabling users to watch their favorite programs anytime and anywhere on multiple internet-enabled devices. Taking cue from the stated and unstated requirements, Think Design set out to create Responsive Design and built the entire framework from the ground up.


Media and Entertainment


Responsive Web, Android, iOS, Android TV


UI UX Design


The website provides on-demand internet streaming of media and TV throughout the world on several platforms. In a crowded space of media and entertainment, YuppTV needed to build a platform which could differentiate from its competition and yet delight its users in a constantly upgrading marketspace of internet media.

The challenge was to design a portal that would be intuitive to both a digitally native or non-native time-starved audience, allowing for easier navigation and selection to happen as per demographic understanding of the mental models of the users. A consistent design language and streamlined user experience was the need of the hour.


Our Methodology

The design process was initiated with a workshop to help align the stakeholders at YuppTV and Think Design. With a User-Centered Design approach, we helped capture the unique frameworks and enabled the teams to align and co-create a UX vision.

This laid the groundwork for important activities like the personas creation, building the information architecture and the user flows, which in turn affected all aspects of the product centered exercising.



1. Superior Browsing experience

The top navigation allows quick access to various menu items. The design is clean, fresh and bold and brings focus solely to the content. The user can enjoy browsing through the hundreds of channels and movies that YuppTV has to offer. Making purchases is also a breeze and a Purchase Summary keeps the user aware of the items in the shopping cart.

2. Breeze to Browse

One of the important aspects of defining superior UX was to make browsing easy. Considering the number of titles the app has, this aspect was important and focused upon. The responsive design makes the user journey seamless and consistent across various devices.

3. Navigating Genres

Browsing genres were made intuitive through the left-right navigation style. As this fit users’ mental models well, it had minimal need to test and validate.

4. Making Searching easier

Indian entertainment titles are in multiple languages but spelled in English. We found it easier to layout keypad in one horizontal line rather than in a grid, for this reason.



UX and Strategy workshops, Competition Analysis, Ideation, Wireframes, Visual System, Front End Development, Prototyping.



Range of Yupp TV applications progressively hit markets from 2013-2017.

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