If you thought MVP meant Minimum Viable Product, you need to re-boot your thinking. At Think Design, MVP means Minimum Valuable Product.

If you are an early stage start up, there’s a very high chance you will benefit from our approach. With our lean approach with strong fundamentals in UX, we don’t build MVPs that cut corners. Rather, our approach to MVP app development is to build a valuable product that your early customers will love.

Your breadth of needs, powered by our lean, multi-disciplinary and time tested capabilities… just as you wished!

Building a great product is tough. Your team has the vision and technical ability to create something new and different, something that could separate your company from the crowd. But it’s not enough to just make a product impressive from a technical standpoint. To really take off, your product needs to captivate users. It needs to be intuitive and easy to use.

Don’t let your great application gather dust-bunnies because your audience can’t intuit how to use it. With our app development MVP services, we’ll help you create a compelling design for your MVP that will leave users eager to use and share your product.

Design Thinking MVP Approach: Key concepts and concerns

  • Value:What is our Value Proposition? What are the unmet needs that our product is helping our users meet? Which values do we want our brand to demonstrate? What are the uncompromising principles we want to stand by?
  • User Experience:What is the experience that we want our users to remember us for? How is our product positioned in our competitive landscape? How is our UX being defined in terms of its interactive, visual, behavioral, and structural aspects?
  • Features: What are the tangible features that make our product desirable? How are our features ensuring stickiness and business value? How are our features helping users in their journeys in a way they are consumable, memorable, and easy to use?
  • Functionality:What are the functional elements that ensure our features are delivered as intended? How are we ensuring seamless functionality across screens, modules, or tasks the user is performing? How is our architectural design improving functionality?
By keeping the focus on satisfying users and matching your values, our app development MVP offering insures that your Minimum Viable Product is actually a Valuable Product.

App Development MVP Process

In order to make your product functional as well as easy to use, we integrate app development into our UX design process to create a truly valuable MVP. Here's what it looks like:

Insight and Strategy

Insight and Strategy

Our Insight + Strategy workshops have created demonstrable value across Industries. During this rapid workshop, we will address: Unique values, Product definition, Principles, Competitive landscape, Revenue model, and any other concerns that are unique and contextual to your business.

Design Sprints

Design Sprints

During design sprints, we address and focus on: UX; UI; Visual Branding; Technical, Functional, and Feature definition. During this time we visualize your product module by module, feature by feature through rapid sprints.

MVP Development

MVP App Development

While one team is working on UX Design, another team starts identifying features and functionality that will flow into MVP App Development. We perform parallel development sprints at a reasonable lag w.r.t UI UX design. This ensures that our Development practice is well integrated into UX practice.

Core principles of Design Thinking MVP

  • Minimize redundancy:Our first core principle is to minimize redundancy. We incorporate existing best practices and proven principles, instead of wasting time reinventing the wheel. We rely on the combined insight of our team and yours to build something together, which cuts down on decision-making loops.Our mobile app development MVP focuses on building lean and shipping fast… to deliver something your users will value.
  • Delay big decisions:Sounds counter-intuitive? Read on. Making big decisions too early in the app development MVP process can lead to catastrophe by locking you into decisions that were made with insufficient knowledge. Your app might need to be mobile-first instead of desktop-first, but let’s not push ourselves into that decision until we know for sure.
    Instead of making big decisions early, at Think Design we list, plan, and map critical decisions and the desired outcome. This design thinking approach to MVP gives our team and your team adequate time to make each big decision, and insures that we make each one at the right time.
  • Hasten delivery: In a rapidly-changing market, the prize goes to the team that can deliver new products quickly, not the one that delays pushing a product until it’s perfect (and outdated). Here’s one of our core principles: start delivering value to users as soon as possible. App development MVP is about shipping fast and iterating. With this principle, we can create and solve problems faster and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Don’t Micro-Manage:As tempting as it can be, micro-managing the app development MVP process goes against the interest of the entire mission and both of our teams. When a few people at the top make all of the decisions, the result is often an unwieldy product that’s out-of-touch with what users need. Instead, we set the vision and coach your team, and then trust your team to make the small decisions while we collaborate on the big ones.
  • See the big picture:Let's not lose sight of our strategy, ever! Getting mired in details can leave us rudderless and our product directionless. Instead, we’ll help you craft a vision of your product, and then orient our product design to that vision so that we stay on track. Our app development MVP approach is comprehensive, human-centered and focused on creating real value for your users. It ensures rapid results without cutting corners.
Our app development MVP approach is comprehensive, human-centered and focused on creating real value for your users. It ensures rapid results without cutting corners.


  • Brand

    Concerns of brand include: Identity and Identity system, Extensions and Templatization of manifestations: Presentation Decks, Journal/ Reports, Media Kit, Logo animation, etc.,


    Concerns of product include: Value Proposition, User Experience, Interaction Design, Product Feature and Functionality in parallel with MVP Development.


    Concerns of communication include: Information/ Marketing/ Product website in all its details, Social media initiation, Explainer videos, Intro screens and more.

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