Why should we design product-service ecosystems?

In a world where users rely on digital interfaces to complete their journeys, there is a growing gap between expectation and gratification. Just meeting user's needs isn’t enough; your design needs to delight. As products help accomplish user's tasks and goals, services help in aligning delivery to expectations. In the absence of service design thinking, you can get trapped in creating great products that lack a personal connection with your users. As a service design company, we visualize your service with all its touch-points and align products & interfaces to it. With this approach, we identify and deliver customer satisfaction.

Service Design is the future of the digital economy; As an award-winning service design agency, we have the knowhow to prepare you for this future.

With human interfaces getting replaced by their digital counterparts, product and service expectation are merging in the customer’s eyes. A new airline needs to integrate both booking the flight itself and services like check-ins and bag checks, into one smooth experience for users. Users do not see these two as distinct experiences, and neither should we.

That’s why service design is so critical, and why it’s important to work with the right service design agency; your customers are judging their experience with you as a cohesive whole, and a strong service offering can keep them coming back for more. A great service design agency can help you bridge the experience gap between product and service handoffs and make users’ journeys memorable and delightful.

Product-Service Ecosystem

  • We have developed a way of working that addresses your strategic, technical and creative needs at the same time. We think broad and act deep; and manage inter-relationships among User, Business and Technology seamlessly. We strategize User Experience and along our way; deal with many complex issues that need to be addressed… we create interfaces and interactions that manifest all of this.
  • Why

    Since we live in a world where Product is dependent on Service for gratification and vice versa, we need to re-imagine ways and means of addressing this dependency. Working in a product or service silo no longer enough. Instead, our service design company will help you think and design holistically in order to wow users.
  • What

    A framework of Thinking and Doing that can help us imagine and create superior experiences for your users. We close the loop by linking product to service and back, looking at the relationships that lead to superior customer satisfaction.
  • How

    We consider product attributes (usability, functionality, features, dependability, intuitiveness, etc.,) and service attributes (gratification, delivery mechanism, feedback, quality perception, touchpoint experience, etc.,) together, in order to imagine and build a holistic ecosystem.

Your Product-Service ecosystem deserves more than a ‘cool’ app. Our service design company can help you put it all together and wow your users.

The right time to start thinking and building something deeper and more meaningful is now!

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Service Design: a way forward

Users & Journeys

Insight: Users & Journeys

If you want to create a superior user experience, the first step is to understand and define your users. Our service design company has identified several ways of defining users relevant to your business context.

As we define and segment users, we will be able to draw Journeys for each segment, the way we would like the journey designed. The takeaway from this exercise is really the insights that we discover as we think through our Users and Journeys.

Service Design Strategy: Blueprint

Once we’ve mapped out our users and are ready with user journeys, our next step is to assist our Users in their journeys through product-service handoffs. This is where we can truly architect user delight.

A good product-service ecosystem will handle handoffs seamlessly, and will position you as an empathetic and transparent brand. We’ll also break down interactions into multiple touch-points and weave them together to get a strong sense of the user’s behavior.

Service Design: Roadmap

Service Design: Roadmap

We believe that it’s not called a design until it makes its way into the hands and minds of our users. In order to execute our blueprint, we create an ecosystem roadmap in consultation with your teams.

Following roadmap, we will have takeaways for us, you and other partners involved. We thus, align thought with action to deliver what we intend to. We follow up our Roadmap with Design execution pertaining to us and tangibilize your service.

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